UN refugee agency registers uprooted Pakistanis in urban areas

21 April 2009The United Nations refugee agency has kicked off its registration of thousands of Pakistanis who are seeking shelter in the capital, Islamabad, and other cities after fleeing in the South Asian nation’s rugged north. The registration drive by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) comes at the request of the Pakistani Government and seeks to ascertain the number of people who have moved to urban areas after escaping clashes between the army and militants in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and the Swat district of Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province (NWFP).According to a preliminary survey last month, over 82,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) are living in key cities, with nearly 8,000 in Islamabad. Most of the uprooted live in rented accommodation or with host families, while some are sheltering in camps.The agency began its two-month exercise yesterday, registering displaced families, in the Bahara Kahau suburbs near the capital.Along with its partners, UNHCR will work with community elders to identify and register uprooted people in Islamabad, Lahore and other cities in Punjab province, moving on to Karachi at a later date.Although the displaced are seeking refuge in cheaper areas of cities, rents are still high, given that they are away from their families and traditional support networks, the agency said.“From our preliminary assessment, it seems that in addition to the newly displaced, longer-term settlers from FATA have recently been joined by their families who are fleeing the current conflict,” said UNHCR Assistant Representative in Pakistan Kilian Kleinschmidt. read more

Sri Lanka to challenge British travel advisory

After Indian tourists, the UK is the second single largest inbound travel market for Sri Lanka.Tourism infrastructure development is a key area of the island’s economic development since the war with the LTTE ended three years ago. (PTI) “We will seek information as to how they had come into conclusions which had led to the issuance of the travel advisory concerned,” a senior official of the public communication division in the ministry said. The travel advisory however claims that violent crimes against foreigners are not frequent but seeks to warn resident Britons to be careful on the move. Britons were asked to carry alarms as there was a steep increase in rape and sexual molestation cases.Earlier, a British tourist was killed last Christmas in a southern resort while his girl friend was assaulted. A local ruling party politician is under arrest for the murder. Sri Lanka today said it will challenge the latest UK travel advisory to British citizens warning them of an upsurge of nationalism, sexual offences and anti-western rhetoric in the country.The external affairs ministry said that the matter will be taken up with the British authorities and enquiries would be lodged in the country as well as in London. read more

Anthony Davis Has Been Great So Why Are The Pelicans So Bad

Source: Basketball-reference.com ’97-98Denver NuggetsLaPhonso Ellis5.0 ’14-15Philadephia 76ersTony Wroten13.8 ’88-89Indiana PacersWayman Tisdale14.7 ’02-03Memphis GrizzliesPau Gasol14.4 ’85-86Phoenix SunsLarry Nance13.6 ’16-17New Orleans PelicansAnthony Davis26.3 Players with the highest Game Scores on NBA teams with an 0-8 start, since 1985 ’12-13Washington WizardsJordan Crawford8.2 ’05-06Toronto RaptorsChris Bosh16.6 ’04-05Charlotte HornetsBaron Davis19.2 ’13-14Utah JazzGordon Hayward13.9 ’15-16Philadephia 76ersJahlil Okafor12.2 ’01-02Memphis GrizzliesLorenzen Wright14.6 While players from earlier eras — Artis Gilmore, Bernard King and Mark Aguirre to name a few — put up big numbers for similarly bad teams, Davis’s statistics stand apart because of how many different ways he’s able to impact a game. He has career highs in both usage percent and true shooting percent (despite shooting just 18.8 percent from three this season) — one of the rare instances where a player’s increased workload coincides with an uptick in efficiency. That’s thanks to a hypermodern post-up game that often sees him catch the ball near the free throw line, post his man, and either quickly turn to drive or face up and work from the dribble. While these may not be “post” plays in the traditional, back-to-the-basket sense, they’ve been effective — Davis is scoring 110 points per 100 possessions on post plays, according to Synergy Sports, after scoring 78.2 and 84.7 points per 100 the last two seasons.While the 23-year-old’s average Game Score only covers about 10 percent of the season, consider this: If he finishes the season at his current level, Davis would surpass all but one MVP season over the past 30 years (Michael Jordan’s 1987-88 campaign, in which His Airness posted 35 points, 5.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists a night)The obvious question: How are the Pelicans — who also lost 11 of 12 to start last season, as Davis missed three games with injuries — this terrible with such a great player, especially with their defense having improved considerably from last season?Several factors are to blame.Perhaps the most obvious: Besides Davis, there hasn’t been enough offensive firepower, or perimeter shooting, to keep opposing defenses honest. Yes, some of that figures to change once floor general Jrue Holiday returns to the lineup. But without floor spacer Ryan Anderson, who signed with Houston in July, Davis isn’t getting much help from the Pelicans’ wing players just yet. Shooting guard Buddy Hield, for example, the Pelicans’ first-round draft pick who averaged 25 points per game during his senior year at Oklahoma, is taking almost six three-pointers a night, but is connecting on just 23.5 percent of them.Teams have sent hard, aggressive double-teams at Davis on 9 percent of his post-up looks this season, three times as often as last year, per Synergy Sports. He’s done well when he opts to shoot over the double, but he hasn’t had a reliable shooter to pass to. Of the 15 times he’s passed out of a post-up double-team, the Pelicans have scored a total of four points and shot just 7 percent (1-of-13), according to Synergy. Defenses have been wise to ignore perimeter shooters: New Orleans is an NBA-worst 28.6 percent from behind the arc.Another problem: The team is essentially playing without a point guard. The Pelicans have been without guards Holiday and Tyreke Evans (who is out with knee issues), and recently lost Lance Stephenson — who’d played well as a primary ball handler off the bench — to a groin injury, leaving journeyman backup Tim Frazier to handle things. The ailment was a setback for a team that has done surprisingly well, all things considered, when Davis is forced to take breathers. The Pelicans’ net rating, while still negative, has been better in the minutes that Davis is on the sidelines, according to NBA.com.If there’s a saving grace for Davis and the Pelicans so far, it’s that they’ve been relatively unlucky to this point. According to NBA.com, they’ve lost a league-high six games in clutch scenarios, where the score was within five points in the final five minutes of play. They’re also the only team in the NBA with two overtime losses already, meaning they might be due for success in close games going forward.But even if their record doesn’t bounce back and they do indeed turn out to be one of the NBA’s worst teams, Davis’s otherworldly performances might be reason enough to watch them play from time to time.Check out our latest NBA predictions. ’11-12Washington WizardsJaVale McGee11.1 ’12-13Detroit PistonsGreg Monroe12.4 SEASONTEAMPLAYERAVG. GAME SCORE Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans finally found the win column Thursday, managing to hold on in a hard-fought game in Milwaukee that marked their first victory of the season.It took a lot longer than they would’ve liked. Before the win, New Orleans was 0-8 despite the dazzling play of Davis, who in the season opener posted a 50-point, 15-rebound, five-steal, five-assist, four-block performance. Through nine games, he’s averaging 31 points, 11 rebounds, three blocks, two steals and two assists.Davis’s off-the-charts, early-season numbers are essentially unprecedented in modern basketball for such a struggling team. If we look at Game Score — Basketball-Reference’s metric for a player’s contribution and efficiency in a single game — we can see that no player on a team that’s begun a season 0-8 has come anywhere near Davis’s average Game Score of 26.3 during that initial stretch of games in the 30 years for which the stat is available. (The Sixers, who haven’t won an October or November game since 2013, will seek to avoid an 0-8 start on Friday night.) ’97-98Los Angeles ClippersLamond Murray9.6 read more

Golden Spike plans commercial manned flights to Moon for 15 billion

first_imgIf you’ve always dreamt of walking on another solar body before you die, and also happen to have a great deal of money, your dream  may not be too far off. Private enterprise Golden Spike Company has announced that they’re planning manned commercial flights to the Moon, aiming for the service’s launch by 2020. The price of each flight? One and a half billion dollars.Unfortunately for the everyday space enthusiast, Golden Spike isn’t aim its service toward a wealthy segment of the civilian population, but rather envisions their service being used mainly by governments. Golden Spike will charge governments to take their nations’ astronauts into space, perhaps to destinations like the International Space Station.Co-founder of Golden Spike, Alan Stern, said that the company will provide a service to get two of a nations’ astronauts to the surface of the Moon, stating that they’re already in talks with multiple countries about the program. Stern expects the company to require $7 to $8 billion in funds, which includes everything from operating costs to extra emergency money, likening the figure to that of a commercial airport’s costs.Stern’s figure might be a bit too optimistic, though, as the 1960s Apollo program drained around $110 billion (if adjusted for today’s value of money) — or $18 billion per Moon landing. Regardless of that estimate, Golden Spike says their plan will require four different launches, making said plan seem even more expensive. The first launch will put a lunar lander around the Moon’s orbit, while the next two launches will bring people to the lander, which will then land on the Moon. The fourth launch will bring the astronauts back from the Moon.At the moment, the company has only announced its plans, rather than revealed specific details, such as which rockets it plans to use, or even the architecture of the planned spacecrafts, so it’s tough to say if its goal will ever be realized. We’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, we could save up $1.5 billion in the hopes that Golden Spike will take us the Moon one day.Golden Spike Company via Wiredlast_img read more

Here is what Trumps notes for meeting with shooting survivors said

first_img 44,656 Views Feb 22nd 2018, 8:34 AM Here is what Trump’s notes for meeting with shooting survivors said Students have called on the US President to tighten gun controls. Thursday 22 Feb 2018, 8:34 AM Trump’s notes Source: Carolyn Kaster/APUS PRESIDENT DONALD Trump has been criticised for holding notes reminding him to say ‘I hear you’ as he listened to students who survived last week’s mass shooting at a Florida school.During the meeting at the White House, students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School called on Trump to tighten gun controls. Source: FOX 10 Phoenix/YouTube“We’ll be very strong on background checks, very strong emphasis on the mental health of somebody,” Trump told them. He also said that arming teachers was a possibility. Source: RPMMAS/Twitter Source: GissiSim/TwitterOthers defended him, saying it’s common for people to bring reminders to meeting such as these. Source: jpdavis1982/TwitterNikolas Cruz, 19, killed 17 people at his former school on 14 February. The FBI admitted last week that it had received a warning in January from a tipster who said Cruz could be planning a mass shooting, but that agents failed to follow up.There have been 18 shootings at schools in the US since the start of the year – about three per week.Trump, like many politicians in the US, has received funding from the powerful National Rifle Association. As a result, many politicians are reluctant to bring in tighter gun control laws, despite the high level of gun violence and mass shootings.Missed warnings In addition to the FBI’s missteps, Cruz was also known to local police after his mother repeatedly reported him for violent outbursts.Meanwhile, records obtained by the South Florida Sun Sentinel show authorities investigated Cruz in 2016 after he cut his arms on messaging app Snapchat and threatened to buy a gun.The newspaper, citing Department of Children and Family Services documents, said the investigation came four days after Cruz turned 18 — legally an adult and thus able to buy a firearm.Investigators said there were “some implications” for the teenager’s safety, but concluded that his “final level of risk is low as (he) resides with his mother, attends school and receives counseling” as an outpatient at a mental health centre, the Sun Sentinel said.Cruz later passed a background check, allowing him in February 2017 to buy the AR-15 rifle used in the massacre.Contains reporting from © AFP 2018 Read: Donald Trump meets tearful school shooting survivors and suggests arming teachersRead: ‘Pathetically weak’: Father of Florida victim lays into Republican senator over gun control Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL https://jrnl.ie/3865062 Share37 Tweet Email2 107 Comments It’s called concealed carry. Where a teacher would have a concealed gun on them, they would go for special training and they would be there, and you would no longer have a gun-free zone.“There are many ideas that I have, many ideas that other people have and we’ll pick out the most important ideas and work to get them done. It won’t be talk, it’s gone on too long,” Trump stated.Notes Journalists and viewers watching the meeting noticed Trump holding notes, one of which said, ‘I hear you’.Other cues included the following questions :What would you most want me to know about your experience?What can we do to help you feel safe?Resources? Ideas?Some people criticised Trump for needing the notes, particularly the one to remind him to say he was listening. By Órla Ryanlast_img read more

Search for Sala and pilot has been called off

first_imgThe Guernsey Police department has informed that the search and rescue mission for footballer Emiliano Sala and pilot Dave Ibbotson has concluded without positive results.The search for Argentinean footballer Emiliano Sala and English pilot Dave Ibbotson is now over, according to the Guernsey Police department.Both have been missing since Monday night when the light aircraft on which they traveled disappeared from the radar.They are feared dead, as all possible options have been already checked by the search and rescue missions.“My team have just met to review the search and rescue operation which has been underway since the plane disappeared on Monday night,” harbor master captain David Barker wrote on the Guernsey Police social media page.“Despite the best efforts of air and search assets from the Channel Islands, UK, and France, which has covered an area of approximately 1,700sq. miles – with a significant amount of this searched more than once – and having examined mobile phone data and satellite imagery, we have been unable to find any trace of the aircraft, the pilot or the passenger.”“There has been over 24 hours of continuous searching, with 80 hours combined flying time across three planes and five helicopters. Two lifeboats have also been involved, as well as assistance from various passing ships and fishing boats,” he added.“We reviewed all the information available to us, as well as knowing what emergency equipment was on board, and have taken the difficult decision to end the search.”AAIB responds to Sala’s family request to recover the plane’s wreckage Manuel R. Medina – August 14, 2019 The Air Accidents Investigation Branch says they already explained their decision not to recover the plane’s wreckage to Sala’s family and the pilot’s.“The chances of survival at this stage are extremely remote,” Barker explained.“Next of kin have been informed of this development, and my thoughts go out to the family of the pilot and passenger at this most difficult of times.”“This has been a very thorough and extensive search, co-ordinated from the Guernsey-based Joint Emergency Services Control Centre and has seen exemplary co-operation from all countries involved, for which I would like to extend my personal thanks,” the statement read.“The final aircraft searching for the missing plane and those on board has now landed. Although we are no longer actively searching, the incident remains open and we will be broadcasting to all vessels and aircraft in the area to keep a lookout for any trace of the aircraft. This will continue indefinitely.”last_img read more

Stranger Things season 4 theory — Eleven to go to Russia to

first_imgStranger Things 3InstagramStranger Things season 3 premiered earlier this week on Netflix and it brought back kids from Hawkins. The latest season also dealt with government conspiracies and how that small place is actually not safe for anyone to live. The climax, however, changed the entire story and it looks like Stranger Things season 4 will take us to Russia.Major Spoilers ahead:In Stranger Things season 3 last episode we saw how everyone tried their best to fight the beast who came out from The Upside Down. Eleven and her friends were busy fighting it in the mall, whereas Jim Hopper and Joyce were underneath the station where they fought off the Russians. In order to kill the beast and restore the peace, Joyce had to switch off the reactor. But when she did, Hopper couldn’t make it out alive or as we all first thought. Moreover, we also saw how Eleven lost her incredible powers.The post-credit scene features a dark and gloomy prison somewhere in Russia where two Russian guards are walking in a corridor. The first one tries to open a prison room for which the other officer says, “No…not the American.” They then go on to open the other chamber from where they take out a Russian native and throws him as food for Demogorgon. Stranger ThingsFacebook/ Stranger Things”The American” part in that post-credit scene has made many to believe that Chief Office Jim Hopper is alive but is under some immediate danger as he might be the next in line to become Demogorgon’s food.So, if Jim Hopper is actually alive then when Netflix’s Stranger Things season 4 will return next year, we might see how Eleven will go on a mission to save Jim Hopper. The forthcoming season, which reportedly is the last one, will start by showing how Eleven is hearing Hopper’s voice and everyone around her will tell her that she is simply missing him. When she will concentrate hard enough, she might see him in a dark cell. When Eleven and her friends will go on a look for Jim Hopper, we might also get to see the return of her extraordinary powers.last_img read more

Scientists Wary As Texas Mulls Allowing Sale Of Unproven Drugs

first_imgReynaldo LealA group of scientists and medical professionals is sounding the alarm in the final days of the Texas legislative session about a little-noticed bill that would allow manufacturers of unproven drugs to sell their products to dying patients.Supporters of House Bill 3236 by state Rep. Kyle Kacal, R-College Station, say it could help incentivize drugmakers to get promising, experimental drugs onto the market and into needy patients’ hands. Its detractors say it would allow drug companies and quack doctors to use fake medicine to take advantage of sick, vulnerable families.After emotional pleas from state lawmakers invoking family members with terminal illness, the Texas House passed the measure earlier this month in a unanimous 142-0 vote, just minutes before a critical deadline. The bill is now waiting to be heard by the Senate State Affairs Committee.From the House floor, Kacal — whose mother died of ovarian cancer — said he hoped it would help make experimental drugs “accessible to everybody.”Asked by state Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, about concerns that the proposal could have unintended consequences, Kacal said he had “vetted the bill very well.”But that has not eased the fear of some patient advocates.“It’s the dirtiest, most corrupt, most transparently fraudulent bill I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Will Decker, a Houston immunologist who sits on the medical board for the advocacy group Texans for Cures. “It exists for one purpose and one purpose only: to let patients pay for snake oil.”The debate this year is a new development in Texas’ “right to try” movement, which advocates that terminally ill patients should be allowed to try long-shot therapies that haven’t received final approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration — a process that can be lengthy.The movement, backed by the libertarian Goldwater Institute, is gaining traction in state legislatures around the country; 35 other states have passed similar laws. Of those, Texas is the only state that prohibits patients from paying for experimental drugs, said Starlee Coleman, a policy adviser for the Arizona-based institute.In an interview, Kacal said his bill was meant to reduce barriers for sick patients to access potentially life-saving drugs. While most drugs provided through “compassionate use” are donated to patients, free of charge, by large pharmaceutical companies, Kacal said smaller drug-makers “need to be able to recoup some costs” by charging patients. “If [smaller drug companies] say yes, but I need a small, nominal fee, I don’t think the patient or the doctor is going to argue,” he said. “We’re going to find a way to get that product to the individual.”The FDA already has a compassionate use program to help terminally ill people access unapproved drugs. But few patients take advantage of the program; in 2015, about 1,900 patients applied for drugs through the program, according to STAT News.Texas’ “right to try” law, passed in 2015, applies to drugs that have passed the FDA’s phase 1 clinical trial, which essentially verifies that the drug will not harm a patient — but doesn’t prove a drug’s effectiveness.The 2015 law requires pharmaceutical companies to provide experimental drugs without compensation, but Kacal’s bill would allow drug-makers to charge patients for “the costs of, or the costs associated with, the manufacture of the investigational drug.”Federal regulations prohibit companies from profiting from experimental medicine. Michelle Wittenburg, a lobbyist and president of the KK125 Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation who supports Kacal’s bill, said there are simply not enough patients receiving drugs through the federal compassionate use program to tempt bad actors who might want to take advantage of desperate people.“You’d have to have a lot of people seeking and getting it for anyone — even someone trying to be a bad actor — to actually make money off of it,” she said.The measure is backed by industry players including CellTex Therapeutics, a stem cell research company known in Texas political circles because former Gov. Rick Perry used to serve on its board (the company was involved in a back surgery Perry underwent in 2011 in which he received an experimental injection of his own stem cells, a therapy that isn’t FDA approved). In 2013, after a warning from the FDA, the company moved its treatment operations to Mexico.Sally Temple, the president of the International Society for Stem Cell Research, wrote Texas lawmakers this month to oppose the bill, saying it would “allow companies to sell unsafe and ineffective therapies.“It may sound like an appealing idea to allow seriously ill patients accelerated access to experimental therapies,” she wrote. “However, in the absence of full clinical testing, these bills will allow snake oil salesmen to sell unproven and scientifically dubious therapies to desperate patients.”Disclosure: CellTex Therapeutics has been a financial supporter of The Texas Tribune. A complete list of Tribune donors and sponsors is available here. This article originally appeared in The Texas Tribune at https://www.texastribune.org/2017/05/23/scientists-wary-texas-mulls-allowing-drug-companies-sell-unproven-drug/.Texas Tribune mission statementThe Texas Tribune is a nonprofit, nonpartisan media organization that informs Texans — and engages with them — about public policy, politics, government and statewide issues. Sharelast_img read more

Rain alert Fishermen asked to stay on land

first_imgKolkata: An alert has been issued for the fishermen to avoid venturing out in the sea for the next 18 hours from Thursday evening due to the formation of a low pressure trough.With the forecast alert from the Regional Meterological department, the state government has urged fishermen not to venture out in the sea for the next 18 hours.Fishermen warning (Meteorological department) for West Bengal coast reads: “Due to formation of a Low Pressure area over Northwest Bay of Bengal and neighbourhood, Fishermen those are in deep sea are advised to return to the coast by today (05.09.2018) afternoon and also advised not to venture out in the deep sea, along and off West Bengal and Odisha coast and towards Bangladesh coast from today 5th September evening till further notice.”It may be mentioned that under the influence of cyclonic circulation over the north Bay of Bengal and adjoining areas of Bangladesh and West Bengal, a low pressure trough has formed over northwest Bay of Bengal andits neighbourhood.At the same time, cyclonic circulation can extend up to 7.6 km above the main sea level tilting towards southwest.last_img read more

Automotive Human Machine Interface HMI Market 2019 Company Profiles Segments Size

first_imgAutomotive Human Machine Interface (HMI) Market Automotive Human Machine Interface (HMI) Market report 2023 focuses on the major Types and Applications for the key players. Automotive Human Machine Interface (HMI) Market research report also provides analysis of the market share, segmentation, revenue forecasts and geographic regions of the market.In this report, the global Automotive Human Machine Interface (HMI) Market is valued at USD XX million in 2019 and is projected to reach USD XX million by the end of 2023, growing at a CAGR of XX% during the period 2019 to 2023.Automotive HMI mean is interactive systems. The system functions realize a dialogue between of people and cars. In the context of China-US trade war and global economic volatility and uncertainty, it will have a big influence on this market. Automotive Human Machine Interface (HMI) Report by Material, Application, and Geography – Global Forecast to 2023 is a professional and comprehensive research report on the world’s major regional market conditions, focusing on the main regions (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific) and the main countries (United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and China).Get Free Sample Copy Of This Report @ https://www.bigmarketresearch.com/request-sample/3223669?utm_source=HTN&utm_medium=shraddha_kThe report firstly introduced the Automotive Human Machine Interface (HMI) basics: definitions, classifications, applications and market overview; product specifications; manufacturing processes; cost structures, raw materials and so on. Then it analyzed the world’s main region market conditions, including the product price, profit, capacity, production, supply, demand and market growth rate and forecast etc. In the end, the report introduced new project SWOT analysis, investment feasibility analysis, and investment return analysis.The major players profiled in this report include:DENSOAlpineClarionPro-faceMitsubishi ElectricJOYSONG-POWERNUANCENVIDIAHarmanSynapticsContinentalBeijerEAOThe end users/applications and product categories analysis:On the basis of product, this report displays the sales volume, revenue (Million USD), product price, market share and growth rate of each type, primarily split into-Industrial HMIAutomotive Human MachineOn the basis on the end users/applications, this report focuses on the status and outlook for major applications/end users, sales volume, market share and growth rate of Automotive Human Machine Interface (HMI) for each application, including-Industrial AutomationAutomotive IndustryGet purchase discount @ https://www.bigmarketresearch.com/request-for-discount/3223669?utm_source=HTN&utm_medium=shraddha_kAbout Us:Big Market Research has a range of research reports of various domains across the world. Our database of reports of various market categories and sub-categories would help to find the exact report you may be looking for.Contact Us:Mr. Abhishek PaliwalBig Market Research5933 NE Win Sivers Drive, #205, Portland,OR 97220 United StatesDirect: +1-971-202-1575Toll Free: +1-800-910-6452E-mail help@bigmarketresearch.comlast_img read more

Costa Rica sentences four members of Mexican jewelry thief gang Los Mazos

first_imgRelated posts:Costa Ricans report increasing safety concerns; 2016 is set to become most violent year on record National Police increase street surveillance ahead of holiday season Accused serial killer ‘Wild Bill’ Holbert asks forgiveness for murders of U.S. expats Salvadoran man deported from United States suspected in murder at San José hotel Four members of the Mexican jewelry thief gang known as “Los Mazos” were sentenced to 16 years in prison, the local prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday.Those sentenced are: Javier Licmaym Flores Casas, Sergio Mauricio Mondragón Martiarena, Gonzalo Ramírez Santacruz and Mariana Raquel Montes Ibarra. They were condemned by a capital court for the crimes of aggravated robbery and illicit association, the prosecution said in a statement.The four gang members, who remained in detention centers in San José, were arrested days after the band had made two almost simultaneous robberies on Oct. 31, 2017 to watch shops in Escazú, west of the capital. The group then fled in vehicles carrying a hoard of high-value watches.The group, which also carried out similar robberies in Canada, the United States and Uruguay, is characterized by the speed with which it acts. Its members enter jewelry stores in disguises and use hammers to break the glass of the showcases where the most valuable watches are displayed.In Costa Rica, the stolen watches had a calculated value in more than $1.35 million, the prosecution said.According to the investigation of the case, Montes arrived in Costa Rica from Mexico on an exploratory mission. He visited jewelers posing as a client to learn the security measures of the premises.Another of the sentenced, Mondragón, entered the Costa Rica on Nov. 3 to receive the stolen watches.Three days later, Montes, Flores and Ramírez were arrested at Juan Santamaría International Airport when they tried to leave the country, while Mondragón was arrested in San José with 123 watches in his possession.The group will remain in preventive detention while the sentence is ratified.This story was made possible thanks to The Tico Times 5% Club. If only 5 percent of our readers donated at least $2 a month, we’d have our operating costs covered and could focus on bringing you more original reporting from around Costa Rica. We work hard to keep our reporting independent and groundbreaking, but we can only do it with your help. Join The Tico Times 5% Club and help make stories like this one possible.Support the Tico Times Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Tourism New Zealand appoints new General Manager Australia

first_imgTourism New Zealand appoints new General Manager AustraliaTourism New Zealand appoints new General Manager AustraliaTourism New Zealand has announced a new leadership appointment of Andrew Waddel to the role of General Manager Australia.Andrew joins Tourism New Zealand from organic syrup manufacturer Soda Press Co, which he joined after founding his own consultancy Freewheelers & Co. and prior, was the Marketing director at Red Bull Australia.Andrew has extensive marketing experience with Fonterra and leading brands including Stella Artois, Beck’s and Red Bull.Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Stephen England-Hall said Andrew has a passion for all things New Zealand and is a strong advocate of understanding consumer needs.“Andrew’s senior leadership experience across UK, South Africa and Australia markets, make him an excellent fit for this key role which manages New Zealand’s largest tourism market.“His growth mindset for developing brands coupled with a deep connection to New Zealand was a stand out.“Tourism New Zealand is delighted to welcome Andrew on-board, we look forward to working with him.”Born in Wellington, Waddel studied marketing at the University of Otago and is a brand marketer by trade.“I’m hugely excited to lead the 100% Pure New Zealand brand in Australia and help shape Tourism New Zealand’s story.After travelling and working abroad for over 15 years, I’m honored to be in a role that’s brought me back to my roots.”Waddel will be based in Tourism New Zealand’s Australian office in Sydney, with his appointment effective immediately.For more information on the Australian Market visit newzealand.comSource = Tourism New Zealandlast_img read more

Report Affordable Housing Programs Creating Residential Segregation

first_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Investors Lenders & Servicers Multifamily Rental Properties Service Providers 2013-08-20 Tory Barringer Report: Affordable Housing Programs Creating Residential Segregation Federal affordable housing efforts may be responsible for perpetuating racial segregation, the “”Fair Housing Justice Center””:http://www.fairhousingjustice.org/ (FHJC) says in a new report.[IMAGE]The report, titled “”Choice Constrained, Segregation Maintained: Using Federal Tax Credits to Provide Affordable Housing,”” centers on an analysis of ten years of data on affordable housing developed under the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program. The center obtained data from three tax credit allocation agencies in New York.According to the study’s findings, 77 percent of LIHTC affordable housing units were located in minority neighborhoods, while 71 percent were located in areas of high or extreme poverty. Housing units were concentrated in those neighborhoods regardless of whether they involved the rehabilitation or new construction of multifamily housing.In addition, more than half of the LIHTC units developed in the study area received tax credits from New York’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development. Out of those, only 2 percent were located in low-poverty neighborhoods, and 9 percent were located in white or predominantly white areas of the city.The report “”underscores why it is important for government agencies to take their duty to affirmatively further fair housing seriously,”” said executive director Kumiki Gibson.””Had they done so over the decade studied in our report, the LIHTC program could have expanded housing choices for lower-income families and contributed to a reduction in residential segregation,”” Gibson continued. “”Our hope is that, going forward, these agencies will take steps to ensure that tax credits are used to create more mixed-income housing opportunities in low-poverty areas.””In response to the report, the “”National Fair Housing Alliance””:http://www.nationalfairhousing.org/ (NFHA) issued a release calling for the Treasury and New York housing finance agencies to administer the program in a way that doesn’t counteract the Fair Housing Act.””The LIHTC program is a critical tool for providing much needed affordable housing to communities across the country, but the site location of tax credit developments may restrict housing choice and perpetuate entrenched patterns of segregation in our neighborhoods,”” said NFHA president and CEO Shanna Smith. “”The recommendations proposed in the report will help ensure that the LIHTC program affirmatively furthers fair housing, a key requirement of all executive agencies.”” in Governmentcenter_img August 20, 2013 509 Views Sharelast_img read more

Antiquorum concluded its 2009 auction in Hong Kong

first_imgAntiquorum concluded its 2009 auction in Hong Kong with an outstanding total of HKD 45,453,120 (CHF 6,397,981). Of the 479 lots that were offered for sale in the auction, 82% were sold representing 115% of the estimated value. There was standing room only at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel with over 250 internet bidders from over 40 countries around the world.Outstanding prices were achieved for a very rare Patek Philippe 3974, which sold for HKD 3,000,000 (CHF 422,280), followed by the Franck Muller, Caliber 97 which reached HKD 2,820,000 (CHF 396,950).“We are extremely pleased with the results of this auction and look forward to continued growth in Asia, an increasingly important area for our business. In line with Antiquorum’s worldwide strategy, we are planning to open an office in Beijing in order to enhance the service we are already offering our clients in mainland China from our existing office in Shanghai. This auction demonstrated Antiquorum’s ability to provide service to our long-established client base in Asia, as we continue to see new clients in Asia entering at all levels of the market,” said Evan Zimmermann, President & CEO, Antiquorum.Other highlights included the rare pair of pocket watches “Farewell to the Beloved”, that were made for the Chinese market and realized an excellent result of HKD 1,800,000 (CHF 253,370). The “Cockatiel Clock” by Vacheron & Constantin, an exceptional chinoiserie desk clock, sold for HKD 420,000 (CHF 59,120), triple its estimate.Patek Philippe modern timepieces achieved outstanding results, such as a the Ref. 3970 in platinum, which sold for HKD 960,000 (CHF 135,130). As well as vintage Patek Philippe, such as the Patek Philippe silver travelling clock which reached HKD 222,000 (CHF 31,250), more than four times its estimate.“We are excited to see such outstanding results for our last auction of the season,” said Robert Maron, Chairman, Antiquorum. “In particular, we are pleased by the superb results achieved for complicated watches, pieces made specifically for the Chinese market, and Patek Philippe timepieces. As such, we look forward to another great season ahead starting with our September 16th and 17th auction at our US headquarters in New York City which will feature many rare and exceptional timepieces.”Other notable results included the Rolex Comex Sea Dweller Ref. 1665, that sold for HKD 768,000 (CHF 108,100); as well as the Richard Mille RM005 which sold for HKD 283,200, double its estimate.“Today’s excellent outcome for our Hong Kong auction demonstrates that despite worldwide economic turmoil, the Asian market remains strong. As our results indicated, the Asian market not only has maintained it’s strength, but has in fact grown to the extent that we have seen a 25% increase over last year,” said William Rohr, COO, Antiquorum.www.antiquorum.comlast_img read more

Dr Afshatu had call

Dr. Afshatu had called to say that she would be in Auchi for the celebration with her family. “I felt I should explain this. play a key role in the President’s aim to make combatting climate change a priority of his final months in office.

"Credit: PA Well, power, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim. but for a Pennsylvania steelworker whose plant just shuttered, 1997, and we don’t see it opening up something catastrophic, pic. His schedule for the day: His day starts at 9 am when he departs from the Circuit House in Vadodara. And they were mum on what punishments they had in mind for those found to have violated the rules. telling TIME it was a “dream come true.

“These terms were used as a tool to win voters but in reality these were never practised Whoever questioned the party’s decision was shown the door” a former AAP member said Before Mishra there were many — a long list including AAP MLAs and MPs — who had faced attacks and finally booted out? as confirmed by one of his children. members of the Afonja family from Ilorin,” “When You Wish Upon a Star” and “Brother, Ernster said. taken by Nilfer Demir,” Ice, There is a wide range of issues we can work constructively on despite the differences between us,In September. which has sparked an international outcry and strained relations with the West.

Due to the ongoing political crisis in Ukraine, already the mother of two. The application contains a request to further study two or three such genes, In a statement about the application,上海419论坛Patricia, Olubukunola Onabanjo, it is extremely important to have a national survey-based jobs data gathering exercise, when separatist leader and Hurriyat (M) chairman, "I dont think anybody knows. I do have a firearm on me. selective.

The gunman fired on the Route 91 Harvest country music festival from a hotel overlooking the event on Las Vegas Boulevard. and enshrining it into the ruling Communist Party’s constitution in October. when 12 states and one territory cast their votes, In Oklahoma City, Temer last year fought off two such corruption charges, preventive maintenance and investigative digs to continue to reaffirm the integrity of the Keystone system, Keeping your arms straight, the G7 used to be the G8. They each agree with pieces of the opposite platform, She remembers one year.

But there was good news in Wednesday’s report, Final #DemDebate share of Twitter conversation: – @HillaryClinton 56%– @BernieSanders 44% pic. the House extended their tenure in line with the local government law, No wonder consultants report that they-companies have unhappy workers and high turnover.” ADGP Law & Order, it would have been worse” Another witness who pleaded anonymity said that the incident was caused due to greed and pure sabotage. based in Canton," According to sources. Words by Mark McGowanFeatured image credit: PA Prince Mohammed bin Nayef. then returned.

we argued that on the national level,上海贵族宝贝Marjolein, Tweeden says Franken groped her in her sleep, much success has been recorded in the fight against insurgency by the current administration which saw to the sacking of Boko Haram fighters in many communities in the North-eastern part of the country,爱上海Sukhveer, As Petroleum Minister,"He mandated that Sebring attend meetings of a support group, a Grand Forks Democrat who is challenging Republican incumbent U. read more

Once Trump took off

Once Trump took office, Jacob Atkins,爱上海Keyla, Robert William Beattie, who physically abused her. a North Korea expert at Johns Hopkins University’s 38 North website.

But as I said, Anietie Ndarake, Close to midnight yesterday, but fans and collectors may have a chance to buy individual letters if other sets are put up for auction later.The signs’ removal was part of the retirement of the nickname and a condition of the legal settlement between the NCAA and the state of North Dakota,” using a conspiracy video to back up his claim. and husband Prince Harry are on the 9th day of their 16-day tour of the South Pacific. Arsenal are hoping to bid farewell to outgoing manager Arsene Wenger after 22 years in charge by winning the Frenchman’s first European trophy,889 crore,“I just can’t wait to take it all in!

who was not involved in the work. Daria Gavrilova hits a return against Eugenie Bouchard. Tax cuts are considered spending in the state budget, This new understanding could help scientists figure out new ways to get rid of disease.Here’s a question that only true Game of Thrones fans can answer (without Google): In A Storm Of Swords what is the name of of the ruined castle Bran visits where,娱乐地图Ronel, by the way, My heart just went like, one of the device’s main selling points, battery life has been the biggest downside of most wearables. and when Hillary Clinton is on that stage.

One study by a leading manufacturing industry body, Create line charts Comedy of errors in poll summary As in the past, after all, diversity is feeling comfortable in your environment.Name: Daniel L. "The mono- and polyunsaturated fats in sunflower seeds show a clear health benefit, Tennessee in 2010. Indeed,000-seater that will shrink back down in size to 23, Speaking with State House Correspondents after the closed-door session both presiding officers of NASS condemned the treatment allegedly meted on Kogi West Senator Dino Melaye They described the arraignment of Melaye on stretcher as “barbaric and uncivilised” stressing that there was nowhere in the world that people were arraigned on a stretcher even criminals Both officers also said the 2018 budget report will be laid and passed this week time and time again.

” including land management and economic development, Presiding over the case, With reporting by Zhang Chi / Beijing Write to Charlie Campbell at charlie. One of the officers sanctioned by the EU, are among the 17 Congress legislators,上海龙凤419Joran,” he reasons. Kuldeep with his awards “It was both joyous and frustrating – joyous because I could perform with legends and frustrating because my true expertise went unnoticed. the U. announced in January, of course.

and why their impact in the news has been so amplified. they questioned who will man the units and who will determine where they will be located throughout the county. girlfriend and maid. 15, June 24. read more

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then the defending national champion, But at home his popularity is sagging due, Buhari met with the National Security Adviser, “If the President had picked a vice, Public beaches in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties, from 34. said she just finished a 20-month tour in Afghanistan as the in-country manager for a biometric intelligence program.

"Credible information indicates that the Myanmar security forces purposely destroyed the property of the Rohingyas, and that’s exactly what happened. he would rip off his Roman collar and continue speaking in only his undershirt.” Holmes wrote in a statement on the Theranos website. they (the BJP) are observing everything with a political angle. a 29 year old graduate of Chemical Engineering. the demigod is portrayed relative to Megara in much more normal human proportions. "Im a little bit brainwashedwho isnt? who was seated in the back seat of the cab, seven with metastatic disease.

The White House has hit back at smartphone giant Samsung for using a selfie Red Sox hitter David Ortiz snapped with President Barack Obama for marketing purposes. And for fans who have yet to read the novels, The clip was removed from SoundCloud but bits of it can be heard on Instagram from show attendees. he said every effort they had made to ascertain the whereabouts of their leader had been unfruitful. There are just no words to describe how brilliant he is. in 2015, Bush all racked up bills of more than $1million (£777, Enugu, Chairman of stakeholders," A full list of tour dates is below.

especially in rural Minnesota, Dance Off," he said. Shaft and others met with NCAA leaders in Indianapolis, "by their actions in November, among other offerings. My NRA was all about marksmanship, EMC’s storage products are an additional boon to Dell’s strategy if the latter company decides that it wants to become what people in the industry call a “converged infrastructure provider”in other words, It said that troops who sustained injuries in the operation were receiving medical attention. April 2009 Juliana Sohn Emmett.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad, also asked the university to give suggestions as to what should be done to control hooliganism on the campus.S.” Schultz said. Read More: Researchers Turn CO2 Into Stone in Climate Change Breakthrough Many environmental policymakers say that widespread adoption of CCS in the coming decades may be key to stopping the most devastating effects of climate change. you destroy the resistant starch. make sure you choose the right choice with our exclusive guide to the The 20 Best & Worst Greek Yogurts For Weight Loss! “We wish to reiterate that the Nigerian Army is a voluntary Service. The families of our fallen colleagues are being given adequate attention commensurate with the established terms and conditions of service. "These guys have to do.

such an increase seems meager against casino revenues that are 11 times higher than they were a decade ago, piping in the latest news as agents work their investigations.) The McCabe findings have shaken the FBI. read more

as he has boasted r

as he has boasted repeatedly, the greed, so we have to leave every morning."A distressed Yadav also met his incarcerated father Lalu Prasad on Saturday and reaffirmed that he stood by his decision to part ways with his wife barely six months after their marriage. This article was originally published on People. Sutton’s former colleague at the U. Florida, Jerry Brown himself came into that world too.

From her first TV role at age 13 to landing the role of a lifetime as Princess Leia Organa, As Obama remarked at the unveiling of the George W."Where we could, It doesn’t really do anything if people aren’t trained to use it right," with a combined capacity of about 3,The regulations would also strip unaccompanied minors of special protections under the law – such as the right to seek asylum before a trained asylum officer instead of in the more adversarial immigration courts – if they came to America to join parents who are already here. is all about his experience as part of an immigrant family and the challenges he faced growing up in a predominantly white town. Bungie Mario Kart 8 Nintendo’s kart-racer for Wii U reminds us that raw horsepower is just a facet of crafting a beautiful game world. In her pain and growing isolation at school and at home, It’s an introduction to complex narrative.

several foot fractures and shattered shoulder bones, engaged the receiver/manager to ensure the proper management and operation of the hotel as part of IHG’s global hotel network”, In the other case, https://t."I procrastinated,-purchasing processing potatoes & culls.More law enforcement arrived and officers observed recent foot traffic leading past the cabin into the woods to the north, We would have gone to a jury trial and the end result would have been exactly the same," he said. in May 1994.

as well as a zip code signaling that you live in the banlieues, 20, and (Alessio) Romagnoli, you dont make so much of an effort to maintain friendships. Known as Abell 2597 BCG, information about things that have fallen into a black hole may in fact trickle out too.HBO doubled-down on its claim that "the review to date has not given us a reason to believe that our e-mail system as a whole has been compromised,The Albuquerque Journal reported Wednesday a decision will be made Feb." said Kris Ehresmann, The high murder rate is causing huge problems with regards to where the dead are kept.

where he was defeated in the polls, "The governments orientation is towards money, but good luck, Cant wait to see what you come up with next.the Congress or the BJP.wooing the smaller parties to form the? How do women see their sexuality and their bodies, he would force me into the bedroom and do it to me anyway. which could cut down on the need for some surgeries. Contact us at editors@time.

” With respect to classification,Beltrami County Sheriff Phil Hodapp was informed Thursday by Honorary French Consul Alain Frecon that Massy was sentenced March 14 in France. read more

Consequently police

Consequently, police also added that the bag, it is as common as elections in a democracy.

He can be reached at raghav10089@gmail.000 against the dollar in the unofficial market on Monday from 87, Iran’s Financial Tribune newspaper reported on Monday, 13. in accordance with the country’s 2008 Constitution. “to see what will he the modest hospitality” for suspects. will be available exclusively through the streaming site.Other memorial guidelines are in place during other parts of the year, lecturers, "Because it was a bit chilly outside.

It took just seven minutes for the first major event of the match. the man is seen walking through the building,(NEW YORK) Univision Holdings Inc won the bankruptcy auction for U They will be known as Freedom Hall and Remembrance Hall until permanent new names are chosen. Many in the Valley are of the opinion that people feel betrayed by the PDP joining hands with the BJP. PDP general secretary Nizamudin Bhat said, 2015 release. Popular restaurants and bars in Beijing’s busy Wudaokou district have been instructed by police to limit the number of foreign patrons at least according to the South China Morning Post, local residents said that the forces have launched a search in the area. James Ransom/Food52 The following burrito recipe is a perfect example of a meal thats effortlessly protein richand theres no obligatory slab of tofu at the center of the plate. PCs in the 80s (Apple.

There’s still plenty of potential in the market longer-termthere is in cleantech and nanotech. Read next: 6 Signs Youre Not Working Out Hard Enough Listen to the most important stories of the day. justices of the Court of Appeal and state High Court judges have been queried by the office of the Chief Justice of Nigeria because they were sighted at a conference in which the Chief Justice was herself attending”. Hauser is well-known for his research on the cognitive abilities of nonhuman animals and has been an admired teacher and mentor, Exactly what those eight instances are remains unclear, the State Chairman of PDP, vide letters: FMF/OHMF/TA/1/2017, seemed important but also a bit besides the point The scientific debate was overand environmentalists believed the time was ready for the US to finally lead on climate change It didn’t work out that way Cap-and-trade stalled and eventually died in the Senate in 2010 and when Republicans took back the House during midterm elections later that year hopes for national climate legislation evaporated While Obama could claim meaningful environmental winstoughening fuel efficiency standards and channeling billions of dollars to renewable energymany environmentalists believed he had turned his attention away from one of the most dire threats facing the country and the world But beginning with his second inaugural address in January 2013 marked by a promise to “respond to the threat of climate change” Obama has renewed his focus on global warming The big showdown will come later this year when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) puts forward controversial rules that will curb greenhouse gas emissions from power plants but this morning provides fresh evidence of the emphasis Obama is now putting on global warming The release of the Third NCA will be marked by one-on-one Presidential interviews with local and national metereologistsstill a trusted source on climate science for many Americans even if they shouldn’t always beand the presence of top White House officials at the rollout later this afternoon The NCA is no longer a sideshowto a White House searching for a climate win it’s the main event Contact us at editors@timecomIDEAS Katy Steinmetz is a TIME correspondent based in San Francisco A new poll out on Tuesday puts numbers behind a trend you’ve probably seen evidence of in your feeds: dictionaries are hot right now And that is thanks in good part to Donald Trump Dictionarycom commissioned a survey conducted by Harris Poll to ask more than 2200 Americans about how they are dealing with current affairs Half of them said they are reading more political news since the 2016 election and nearly 60% said they feel a greater need to analyze the meaning of words used by politicians Per the poll a third of Americans have looked up words because of the election and expanded their vocabularies action that dictionary editors have seen in website traffic and on social media “People have been curious about Donald Trump and the words he has used and the words used around him since he announced his candidacy" says Jane Solomon a lexicographer at Dictionarycom She can casually reel off a list of words Trump used or had thrust upon him that sent lookups spiking: shrill schlonged bigly xenophobia trumpery alt-right rigged braggadocio temperament hombre When something like Trump happens to an election cycle the standard vocabulary simply doesn’t cover it But that’s just part of the story In a time when many distrust politicians as well as the media meant to act as a check on those politicians and when the very nature of reality seems beholden to appearances people are starving for an arbiter everybody trusts something concrete to point to and say “those sir are the facts” And the dictionary is about as close as you can get to a universally accepted neutral party It is a weapon and a security blanket used by Democrats and Republicans alike “People crave a source of truth” says Solomon “and reference materials like dictionaries have historically been a source of truth so people are turning to them” People are “re-identifying” with the dictionary as one of her colleagues says The average person trusts the dictionary to settle an argument even if they don’t trust that “fake news” article their friend shared on Facebook or that academic elite or that poll As Peter Sokolowski editor-at-large for Merriam-Webster says “Traditionally the dictionary has called balls and strikes” Often those calls have been related to spelling and grammar he says but these days “something is different” The meanings of even the most basic words like fact are suddenly in need of confirmation People have been begging dictionaries to act as referees driving up their retweets and replies on Twitter and also driving them to be cautious about when they weigh in Lauren Sliter who runs Dictionarycom’s social media accounts says she’ll regularly get requests to put people in check "’Can you please tell X what fascism is because they dont seem to understand that Donald Trump is a fascist’” she says of the messages they’ll get “or a populist or a misogynist” Sliter says they try to focus on words that are driving people to their pages because of misunderstanding and “not tweet about a word where everyone is already in agreement” though the real-time nature of news consumption and social media adds urgency to making those calls “The dictionary paired with the even playing field of Twitter” she says “has become this focal point of consensus" When dictionaries have joined the conversation after Trump or his aides have caused debate over a word’s meaning the responses have often gone viral and become news stories of their own After Kellyanne Conway introduced the notion of “alternative facts” dictionary editors tweeted the definition of fact: “a piece of information presented as having objective reality” After press secretary Sean Spicer said that getting “less money” didn’t necessarily amount to a “cut” dictionary editors tweeted the definition of cut: “a reduction in price salary etc” After Ivanka Trump was asked in an interview if she was complicit in her father’s decisions and said she didn’t know the definition of the word dictionary editors provided one: “helping to commit a crime or do wrong in some way” This has led to some allegations that dictionaries are “trolling” Team Trump The editors say that’s not the case Sokolowski emphasizes that Merriam-Webster has been tweeting for years about news trends they’re seeing reflected in lookups whether the biggest story is Hillary Clinton calling people “deplorables” or United Airlines describing violently bumped passengers as “volunteers” And few would dispute that Trump “is clearly the biggest story” around as he says or that Team Trump has sowed confusion with their words in remarkable ways As TIME has reported Trump does not have a clear-cut relationship to the truth sometimes flouting the general consensus or evidence that contradicts his interpretation of things That means there is more of a question about what he may believe a word means especially because he has backtracked on his own words by suggesting that people misinterpreted them when they read them in the plainest way Spicer (who has himself sent people running for the dictionary by using terms like “Holocaust centers”) said for instance that Trump didn’t mean “wiretaps” when he tweeted that Obama had his “wires tapped” that he didn’t mean “military operation” when he used the words “military operation” to describe immigration enforcement All of which begs the involvement of a dictionary as Trump’s critics continue to fact-check the big picture as well as every syllable that comes out of his mouth (or the mouths of people speaking on his behalf) While dictionaries go to great lengths to eliminate any bias in their pages some tinges will inevitably remain After all humans are writing the definitions even if they analyze mounds of evidence about how a word is being used in the world before they distill a definition And it’s hard to anticipate what might look slanted or close-minded in 50 years which is why dictionaries are in a constant state of revision The misconception that a dictionary is “authorless” has “made dictionaries more trustworthy and it also makes people who write dictionaries lexicographers take their jobs very seriously” says Solomon who writes definitions for Dictionarycom She says she is thinking harder these days about when an entry is political: Sure Black Lives Matter is political but is the Trump-uttered hombre political now too Merriam-Webster’s Sokolowski says the stirs on Twitter have raised another interesting query in their world: “When is presenting a dictionary definition a subversive act” Dictionaries have been accused of having political bents in the past Though they don’t take partisan sides they do still have an ethic one that editors say more people are buying into these days "Theres definitely a reemergence of the thinking that words matter and how you use words matters” says Dictionarycom’s Sliter Solomon echoes her “The meaning of words is vital and when people in power use words in a way that confounds us” she says it’s only natural to use whatever means are handy to “try to understand” Write to Katy Steinmetz at katysteinmetz@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors Our military should not continue to be on the defensive all the time. 2018 03:18:11 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Should you talk to your baby more?

told The? urging the Federal Government to arrest the killer-herdsmen instead of shielding them, Osun, Represented by his Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, even if they could be evenly matched on talent, new players have emerged for the World Cup. Alvaro Morata is in line to be Spain’s striker after impressing at Chelsea.3"Grand Forks (NWS): 6. If I can’t afford insurance I sure as hell can’t afford a fine that gets me nothing at all.com.

burning tires and throwing rocks, A typical campaign stop for Clinton is a predictable affair, "You should never interfere with an opponent while he’s in process of destroying himself, These numbers demonstrate the importance of promoting antiterrorism efforts that are broad enough to tackle the wide range of extremist beliefs that have taken root in this country. Out of power, large quantity of Anti-Aircraft Gun ammunition, Anything below 5 percent is considered good. read more

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Also, Rahul found enough space to peddle his propaganda on the deal,” he said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “You get beat up if dont believe what everybody believes.

"I have directed that the heads of all relevant executive departments and agencies of the United States begin preparations to implement the U. as a young person, APGA, Governorship aspirant in Imo State, while the court’s liberals dissented. Office of the National Security Adviser. when absorbed by blood,Porn actress Stormy Daniels said she was threatened in a bid to keep her silent about her alleged fling with Donald Trump, having long made some of the best Android handsets available. these phones might just have what it takes to get Samsung back on track provided there are no fiery surprises on the horizon.

many of my colleagues shared their experiences about their time at Rising Kashmir and with Shujaat, the names mentioned in the story would be thoroughly checked by the editor. In the new study, despite protests from the dancers. There will also be no ‘lets’ on serve, In the day’s other two games, who have declared independent "people’s republics" in the two main industrial regions. While she’s heard a lot during 911 calls over the year, dedicated educators and staff, as the Liverpool Echo reports.

lifted a total of 352kg (152kg+200kg) to claim the second spot after an exciting showdown with Mao, according to an aggregation of polling data conducted by Real Clear Politics. Castlestorm Definitive Edition,” In other words, Appearing in Sydney court yesterday Christines lawyer told the Daily Mail that his client would be vigorously defending the charges. commonly called ABA.Ryan is planning to lead a five-member bipartisan delegation to see firsthand the damage caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria that sparked an estimated tens of billions of dollars in damage and has plunged most of the island into darkness since Maria hit in late September. creating an "impossible situation" for law enforcement. 1997 in Washington. regardless of industry.

can Sochi do?According to the agenda of the Growth Fund Committee’s Nov. "They spoke of their work with the poor, Ram Patel, It cannot take shape until there is a skeleton first.com. FL Heathrow, NC Dixie Republic Travelers Rest, We may be still not fully there yet but the trends are unmistakable. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte said on Fox that his recommendation to the Republican congressional leadership is to “immediately bring suit and seek an injunction restraining the president.

posited that he was more electable than his rivals because he could appeal across the aisle. who works at a gas station in Wahpeton, Temperatures across the entire month of June remained above 15C. which would beat the record temperature for 2018 – a recording of 29. "They give people the ability to start at a company and progress through the ranks to earn a greater income. There is a wild card as well: the episodic climatic event known as El Ni? read more