The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store

App Store Official Charts for the week ending July 7, 2019:Top Paid iPhone Apps:1. Minecraft, Mojang2. Heads Up!, Warner Bros.3. Plague Inc., Ndemic Creations4. Facetune, Lightricks Ltd.5. iSchedule, HotSchedules6. Bloons TD 6, Ninja Kiwi7. Geometry Dash, RobTop Games AB8. Dark Sky Weather, Jackadam9. Procreate Pocket, Savage Interactive Pty Ltd10. kirakira+, bytes inc.Top Free iPhone Apps:1., Voodoo2. Fun Race 3D, Good Job Games3. Touch the wall, Voodoo4. Picker 3D, Rollic Games5. Netflix, Netflix, Inc.6. Instagram, Instagram, Inc.7. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream, Google LLC8. Pottery, Voodoo9. Snapchat, Snap, Inc.10. Polysphere, PlaygendaryTop Paid iPad Apps:1. Minecraft, Mojang2. Procreate, Savage Interactive Pty Ltd3. Notability, Ginger Labs4. GoodNotes 5, Time Base Technology Limited5. Geometry Dash, RobTop Games AB6. Human: Fall Flat, 505 Games (US), Inc.7. Five Nights at Freddy’s, Scott Cawthon8. Amazing Frog?, FAYJU9. Bloons TD 6, Ninja Kiwi10. Stardew Valley, Chucklefish LimitedTop Free iPad Apps:1., Voodoo2. Fun Race 3D, Good Job Games3. Polysphere, Playgendary4. Netflix, Netflix, Inc.5. Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!, Amanotes Pte. Ltd.6. Stack Ball 3D, Azur Interactive Games Limited7. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream, Google LLC8. Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game, Amanotes Pte. Ltd.9. Tiles Hop – EDM Rush, Amanotes Pte. Ltd.10. Pottery, Voodoo__(copyright) 2019 Apple Inc.The Associated Press

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