Gil Marín: “Decisions like the Federation’s only serve to confront”

first_imgAsked if Atlético is considering adopting any type of measure, such as Valencia, which has sent a letter to UEFA expressing its disagreement with the system chosen to designate the clubs that would play European competitions if LaLiga is not over. Gil Marín considered that “it is not the moment to generate more instability”.“I do not think it is time to generate more instability, but it is clear that we are not going to stand idly by what we consider an injustice for all fans. It is a time to be together, forget about the disagreements of each and private interests and work for the good of football as soon as activity recovers, “he argued.However, the maximum shareholder rojiblanco warned that they can not “allow an injustice like this to get ahead.”“Atlético de Madrid fans deserve that their team can fight on the field of play to qualify for a new edition of the Champions League, the opposite would be to steal their enthusiasm,” he added.Gil Marín, first vice president of LaLiga, considered that it is this body that must manage professional football, “and amateur football, as well as the absolute and lower teams, by the Federation.” “And for those aspects in which they must agree, there is the coordination agreement that regulates the relationship between the two,” he recalled.As for whether the competitions can be completed, the CEO of Atlético was optimistic that both the league days and the pending crossings of the European competitions can be played in the months of June and July.“I am convinced that the European leagues will be completed between June and July and that the pending qualifiers for the ‘Europa League’ and ‘Champions’ will also be completed before the end of August. It is true that only the health authorities must set the deadlines “But precisely for this reason we must all respect them, be patient, and help rebuild the country after the pandemic,” he said.The rojiblanco president asked “to work hard and very closely to try to regain activity” and noted that football, in addition to the “enormous impact it has on the Spanish economy” is “the passion of millions of fans” and will help “to partially recover the illusion at a very delicate moment. ““We cannot disappoint our fans, we must all rise to the occasion, each from our responsibility,” concluded Miguel Ángel Gil Marín. The CEO of Atlético de Madrid, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, considered in statements to EFE that the decision of the Delegate Commission of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to grant European competition places for the classification of the last day played in case of not completing the season “they only serve to face some clubs against others”.“Decisions like the one the Federation has taken only serve to pit some clubs against each other at a time when it is most necessary that we are all united for the good of football,” Gil Marín told EFE this Friday about a decision that would take Atlético to the Europa League, for being currently sixth ranked.The Delegated Commission of the RFEF approved this Thursday the European classification criteria, for which the last disputed day would be taken, which would grant the Champions League place to the first four (Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Seville and Real Sociedad), and from the Europa League to the fifth and sixth (Getafe and Atlético), in addition to one of the two finalists in the Copa del Rey (Athletic and Real Sociedad).The maximum shareholder of the rojiblanco club indicated that “independently” that the Delegated Commission of the RFEF “has or does not have competitions” to decide which clubs should play the European competitions next season, “it is reasonable that the field of play should reward or punish each one. ““Our league is a competition that lasts nine months and consists of 38 matches, in which we all play against each other and back and everything other than completing this format means that this competition must be null and void, otherwise it would be unfair, giving advantages to some over others, “he added.For Gil Marín, who in addition to being the president of Atlético is also the first vice-president of LaLiga, this decision “incites selfishness, the particular interest of one against the other.“If the Federation wants to resolve the ‘Europa League’ position awarded by the Copa del Rey before the draw for the next edition of the European competitions, it must accept the reality no matter how hard it is, as all clubs must accept, that is, play the final behind closed doors, as we will play our league games, “he said.“It is sad, money is lost, the fans are not happy, but sadder is the reality we are experiencing. Today football is secondary, the main thing is real life and we must be supportive and not generate more problems than we there is, “he added.last_img

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