The website of Shanghai Longfeng beyond their competitors how

this two days just picked up the website of Monitor Company (, a first for you don’t know well of the industry, a lot of data and the intensity of competition is to analyze the competitors. Analysis of success and failure of competition experience, opponents of the keywords ranking, links, time domain and so on, absorb the beneficial aspects to improve their. There can not be ignored is that the development of very fast potential competitors, we look at the main areas where competitors. read more

Derivative application of TF DF algorithm in Shanghai dragon in

keyword density query to query the TF value:


at the same time, if an article appeared in the us to query words, we will conclude that the article has the correlation and we need to check the word. The continuation of this idea, is if you want to check the word appears in a document more correlation before the articles and to query words should be greater.

We can use the

with this problem, we used to learn the TF-IDF algorithm and the TF-IDF algorithm is derived in the Shanghai dragon. read more

Chinese world cheating titlesHow does a small signature create the greatest commercial value

also, such as women’s website, how this website to use signature? First of all, the analysis of user group is what, it is self-evident, it is certainly the majority of our female friends, so our female friends on what is most interested in it, of course, clothes, bags, cosmetics and the like pull, ha ha.

later, online advertising is becoming more and more developed. From the initial form of looking for a website, the form of monthly advertising has changed into a form of payment by effect. This is also a relatively broad form at present. read more

Face down the right site to tell you the best deal with the process

some website weight is good, but want to further enhance, continue to do the site changes, but the reform of the reform will be right down! Where is wrong? It is wrong, but you know what? Sometimes the correct change, also can let the site is down right.

site is down right, who have not met? But how many people know right down the right way? A lot of people on the site is down right after, always used to modify the TKD of the website, or listen to some rumors of others, to a headache! The final result? Website ranking did not come back, but also let it drop right more serious. read more

Effect of web search engine ranking several core elements of what

then the key factors influencing the search engine ranking what? They could succeed in a very short time by what kind of method, the author makes a brief summary, there are mainly the following several ways on the whole.

second, the structure of the web site should have a certain degree of independence, and has the typical flat type and structure. This is not only good for users to search and search for web content, but also in favor of the spider love Shanghai content on the site and grab included. Flat structure is the so-called web site, from the homepage to the content page as not more than three layer, two layer is if the quality will be higher, but the richness will be affected, usually three layer is more appropriate. After the website structure flat, you need on the website of internal components network traffic network, also need to set up 404 pages, to prevent network wire broken chain, so you can make the search engine spiders can smooth the capture of the website content, which helps to enhance the website ranking. read more

Shanghai dragon should be re understanding so as to improve for you

The boss of Shanghai dragon

, they do not know what reason is this, these things come from, why do these things, there is no clue, ask technologies such as the technology does not understand the Shanghai dragon is a kind of bird is not known, but for an experienced Shanghai dragon er it is a piece of cake, he was clearly aware of the situation of the sequence of events and proposed solutions, and gives the analysis of this problem has long time effect on the user experience is bad, how bad influence on brand platform. read more

Shanghai dragon Er give up chasing you again

Then I

out of this industry for more than a year, until the middle of this year, I began to do again. A little excited, but also full of expectations, but this feeling was soon broken by the status quo.

in vain! !

through a period of time, I found the Shanghai dragon too many people, want to own site has a good position in the search engine, but the position of the search engine is limited, great competition. A key day also so hundreds of thousands of people in the search, the keywords of the webmaster may not in thousands, or even tens of thousands! How to get a slim chance of survival in so many competitors? How to obtain a slim chance of survival in adversity? Head is certainly difficult, unless you take the risk of not playing some legitimate means, this kind of "happiness" is short, is not tested. Which day search engine "bad mood", can seal your station at any time. From a long-term perspective, this is obviously read more

The actual network promotion eBook

with the rapid development of world science and technology, the network is no longer confined to a region, a country, but spread to all over the world, has even entered the vastness of the universe, the shuttle signal from above is a good example. So we believe that the power of the network, here, I suddenly remembered only a short while ago reading is a holy thing, Beiqishubao, do in the classroom, the sound of reading is so wonderful, but now grown up, those who have been in the past, now almost has been away from the paper fragrant, leaving me with the electronic screen above the hemp secret text, away from the children, become a kind of addiction, a time to pass the boring. It is too much to people like me, so the book become a new direction of network marketing, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) share a little bit of you. read more

Depth analysis of the essence of the high quality chain layout

chain is to give our site into the weight, import has less, of course, we hope to get more, a chain of the page I only suggest a chain, and more are meaningless, since a chain of the number of the fixed page, then we have to do the quality usually, a high weight of the chain on the top ten, a hundred or more.

The A

chain page requires high weight

Two site analysis: two stations due to open

no matter whether you believe in the chain of correlation that I had a painful experience, which is today the promotion of soft Chengdu Shanghai Longfeng local station, this station is noble baby pull hair, I remember in June 29th according to clear the hair, the station I didn’t optimization, but the analysis the daily data are made, summed up the reasons of plucking only a little outside the chain of time is called a friend to help on behalf of, he is to others outside the chain to earn extra money, I added random website website every day during that time the bounce rate of more than ninety percent, so people feel the site of being in a relationship correlation between hair and the chain, so the author suggests that the chain to keep the relationship, especially the high quality of the chain. read more

Jiang Wenming the role of the chain in the anchor text on the site

can reduce your bounce rate on the website

what is the bounce rate? Website jump out rate directly indicates the quality of the site, is also one of the search engine standard to judge the quality of a website. When an article which appeared when a user keyword does not understand, when you have the keyword anchor text, then the user is likely to click to look into what is the meaning of this word. This can better increase the user experience, so as to reduce the rate of jump out.

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