Legal pot on track for July but actual retail sales may take

first_imgOTTAWA – The Trudeau government insists it’s on track to legalize recreational pot in July — but whether that means it will actually be on sale by then is uncertain.Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor told senators Tuesday that provinces and territories have indicated once Bill C-45, the legislation setting up a legal cannabis regime, is given royal assent, they’ll need another eight to 12 weeks to prepare for retail sales.“Once we’ve reached royal assent, there’s going to be a transition period because we have to ensure that provinces and territories have the capacity to get the product into their shops,” she said later outside the Senate.At the same time, Petitpas Taylor said: “We still feel very confident that we can meet our goal of July 2018. No one ever said July 1 or I never said July 1. But our goal of meeting July 2018 for me is still very much a realistic goal.”However, she did not clarify when asked whether she means the goal is to have royal assent by then or to have cannabis actually on sale by then.If the latter, that would mean the Senate would have to pass the bill by no later than the end of May — which seems unlikely given the depth and breadth of concern among senators about C-45 that was apparent during a rare two-hour grilling of Petitpas Taylor and two other cabinet ministers in the Senate chamber Tuesday.One senator, independent Liberal Jim Munson, attempted to get some clarity, asking if the ministers were saying the actual sale of marijuana will not occur until eight to 12 weeks after July 1.Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale’s response only further muddied the water: “Our goal is this summer in an orderly fashion with all the pieces sequenced in the right order so that they are effective.”Conservative senators, in particular, are not keen on legalization but their Senate leader, Larry Smith, said Tuesday they won’t be obstructionist.“I promise you, however, that we will give a voice to those in the Canadian public who have significant and valid concerns about the policy choice your government is making,” he said.Smith argued that the government is proceeding too quickly and should not legalize marijuana before conducting an intensive public education campaign about the dangers of cannabis use on the developing brains of youths.Denise Batters, another Conservative senator, questioned the government’s argument that regulating cannabis will make it harder for young people to get access to it, pointing out that C-45 allows individuals to grow up to four plants in their homes.Other senators raised concerns that legalization will encourage young people to smoke and increase the incidence of impaired driving.But it wasn’t just Conservative senators who raised concerns.Sen. Serge Joyal, an independent Liberal, questioned the government’s contention that legalization will push organized crime out of the marijuana marketing business. He pointed to a report that found almost half of 86 companies that have received Health Canada permits to grow marijuana are financed through offshore tax havens frequently used by organized crime to launder money.Screening of such companies is insufficient to ensure “we’re not doing through the back door what we are trying to eliminate from the front door,” Joyal said.Petitpas and Goodale — along with Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould and Toronto Liberal MP Bill Blair, the government’s point man on marijuana — repeatedly countered that most of the potential problems identified by senators already exist in Canada, where prohibition has led to cannabis use by young people that is the highest among developed countries and a market controlled entirely by criminals.“Obviously, the current law has failed,” Goodale said.“I’m frankly not prepared to leave the health and safety of our children in the hands of criminals,” added Blair, a former Toronto police chief.last_img read more

Quebec urges Health Canada to review rules around sugary alcoholic drinks

first_imgMONTREAL – Health Canada must review regulations around alcoholic beverages infused with high amounts of sugar following the reported death of a Quebec teenager who had drunk such a product, Quebec’s public health minister said Monday.Some alcoholic products contain so much sugar, young people don’t realize how quickly they are becoming intoxicated, Lucie Charlebois said.“Young people don’t feel like they are drinking alcohol because there is so much sugar and there is a lot of alcohol as well,” Charlebois said. “Health Canada needs to take a look at that.”In response to the death of Athena Gervais, 14, last week in Laval, Que., the Montreal-area producer of the beverage she reportedly drank before she died announced it was pulling the product from store shelves. Geloso Group, maker of FCKD UP, called on Sunday night for tougher regulations and controls surrounding similar types of drinks, and said it would stop producing the product immediately.The decision comes after Gervais’s body was pulled from a stream near her high school last week. Montreal’s La Presse reported the teen had been drinking stolen cans of FCKD UP.Laval police are still awaiting results of an autopsy but have already called the death accidental.The statement from Geloso Group made no reference to the death but co-president Aldo Geloso said the company was taking steps to stop selling the beverage.Geloso said the company decided to introduce its own brand in 2017 to compete with Four Loko, a sweetened beverage with 11.9% alcohol content produced by a Chicago-based company.“It was a mistake to enter this category to compete with Four Loko,” Geloso said. “In fact, the Four Loko category should not even exist.”Geloso added Four Loko was recently removed from store shelves because it violated Quebec’s alcohol laws but said the product is about to return.The U.S. manufacturer of Four Loko, Phusion Projects, did not immediately respond to calls on Monday.Geloso Group’s announcement followed one by Quebec-based convenience store chain Couche-Tard, which decided on Friday to pull FCKD UP from its shelves. Couche-Tard said selling the beverage is legal but the chain wanted to act responsibly.In a letter, Sen. Andre Pratte called on Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor to look into the health risks of alcoholic energy drinks.While authorities are trying to piece together the circumstances of Gervais’s death, Pratte writes it’s not normal for teenagers to buy high-alcohol beverages at a local convenience store at lunch and become so intoxicated that they can’t return to class in the afternoon.The federal government can look at limiting the concentration of alcohol and the size of cans, as well as at new restrictions on the mixture of sugar, caffeine and alcohol, Pratte said.A spokesman for Health Canada, Eric Morrissette, referred The Canadian Press to a statement the agency made over the weekend saying, “Health Canada is already working with the government of Quebec to address this issue.”Morrissette added in an email that alcoholic or energizing beverages may be legally sold in Canada and that alcoholic beverages don’t need Health Canada approval.On Saturday, Educ’alcool, a non-profit that encourages moderate drinking, also appealed to Health Canada to further regulate the sale of alcoholic energy drinks.last_img read more

Moroccos Amadeus Institute ranks 13th best think tank in the MENA

first_imgTaroudant- The University of Pennsylvania has just released the 2013 Global Go to Think Thank Index & Abridged Report on January 22, 2014, placing the Moroccan Amadeus Institute 13th in the MENA region.Conducted by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP), a non-profit program at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, the report ranked the Moroccan Institute 13th among 50 countries listed on the rankings.The Moroccan think tank institute came ahead of all Maghreb countries institutes included in the ranking. Centre des Etudes et Recherches en Sciences Sociales (CERSS)  (Morocco), Tunisian Institute for Strategic Studies (ITES) (Tunisia), and Sadeq Institute, (Libya) ranked 18th, 23th and 47th respectively. Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (Egypt), Brookings Doha Center (Qatar) and the Center for Economics and Policy Studies (EDAM) (Turkey) occupied the top of the list respectively.According to the best Think Tank Conference, the Forum MEDays, main event of the Amadeus Institute in 2013, ranked 49th forum in the world and first in the Arab world.Based on data collected as of August, 2013, the number of think tanks in the world reached 6826 with only 511 institutes in the MENA region and the biggest number (1984) located in North America with 29.07% of all the institutes worldwide.Cofounded in 2008 by Brahim Fassi Fihri (President) Mekki Lahlou and Younes Slaoui Vice Presidents, The Amadeus Institute is an independent Moroccan think tank based in Rabat.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img read more

Security Council members stress need for free and fair elections in Lebanon

“Members of the Security Council reaffirmed their strong support for the territorial integrity, sovereignty, unity and political independence of Lebanon within its internationally recognized borders and under the sole and exclusive authority of the Government of Lebanon,” said Ambassador R.M. Marty M. Natalegawa of Indonesia, which holds the Council’s rotating presidency. “They recalled the need to hold free and fair presidential elections in conformity with the Lebanese Constitution and without any foreign interference and influence,” he said in a press statement following a closed-door briefing by Terje Roed-Larsen, the Special Envoy for the Implementation of Security Council Resolution 1559, which was adopted in 2004. Council members “reaffirmed the need for all parties to resolve all political issues on the basis of reconciliation and national dialogue,” said the Council president, voicing support for the Secretary-General and his Special Envoy in their efforts to facilitate and assist the implementation of the resolution. The Council’s deliberations were based on a recent report of the Secretary-General, who said security conditions and political stalemate are combining to create a “climate of ongoing crisis” in Lebanon and called for the holding of free and fair presidential elections next month without any foreign interference. “There must not be a constitutional void at the level of the presidency, nor two rival governments,” Mr. Ban warned in his latest report on resolution 1559, adding that political dialogue must enable the election of a new president before the constitutional deadline of 24 November. His Envoy, Mr. Roed-Larsen, told reporters after today’s closed-door meeting that “it is the duty of everybody here to call for presidential elections within the defined time frame which expires on 24 November” consistent with Security Council resolutions, including 1559. He emphasized the need for Member States to raise the issue with all relevant parties. “If there are no elections or if we indeed – worst case – end up with having in principle two presidents or maybe two governments, that would be not good news for Lebanon and not good news for the region,” he warned. 5 November 2007The Security Council today reaffirmed the need to hold free and fair presidential elections in Lebanon, in conformity with the country’s Constitution and without any foreign interference and influence, the 15-member body’s president said. read more

SF to be Law Order Minister despite opposition from top cops

Senaratne said that while senior Police officers do not want Fonseka to get the post junior officers feel he is the right man for the job. The Minister also said that when taking decisions it must be based on discussions held between the President and Prime Minister and not just based on what the two main political parties in the Government think. (Colombo Gazette) He said that in the next cabinet reshuffle Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka will get the post. Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka is to be appointed as the next Law and Order Minister in two weeks time, despite some strong opposition from senior Police officers, cabinet spokesman Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said today.Senaratne said that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was appointed Law and Order Minister for two weeks. The cabinet spokesman and Health Minister said that the Law and Order Minister needs to be a straight forward person and not someone who plays a “double game”.Senaratne said that Ministers cannot be appointed based on what one or two people think. He says Ministers who have feet planted on two sides must be removed. read more

Seven arrests in pellet gun school shooting

(Updated) Wednesday was a long day for students at a couple of schools near Locke Street in Hamilton.The schools were were put into lockdown after pellet gun shots were fired at windows shattering some of them.The frightening incident happened before noon, and police are still investigating.Several people have been arrested. Sean Leathong is live on Locke Street at Herkimer with the details.00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09

Football Urban Meyer says he was told by Smiths 2009 incident was

Urban Meyer listens at a press conference as he fields questions about his handling of the Zach Smith domestic abuse allegations on Aug. 22, 2018. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorIn an interview with ESPN, his first since his suspension was announced on Aug. 22, Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer opened up about the situation between Zach Smith and Courtney Smith that led to Zach’s firing and Meyer’s suspension.Meyer said he was led to believe in 2009 that the incident — later reported to be an instance of domestic violence from Zach — was not domestic violence, and that both told him it was because Courtney was upset at Zach for drinking.“I recall being told and believe this was not domestic violence,” Meyer told ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi. “That she threw him out of the house and that there were no charges. I was completely reliant on information from law enforcement and there were no charges.”He was later asked to confront a question posed both by the public to Meyer since his suspension and in the summary of findings by Ohio State: why he hired Zach when he became Ohio State’s head coach.Meyer said he wanted to have someone who was familiar with his offensive schemes, and that he believed Zach was doing well with his other coaching staffs.“I checked on him, did background checks with the coaches he worked with. It came back very high marks, and so I made the decision to hire him at Ohio State,” Meyer said. He later said it was a “bad decision” to hire him.That was not the only decision Meyer said he regretted. Meyer said he did not tell athletic director Gene Smith about the 2009 incident, and that in hindsight he should have. “Once again, I can’t recall why, that was several years ago. I just can’t tell you what my mindset was at the time,” Meyer said.Meyer apologized for not only the perception that was cast upon him that he did not take the situation seriously, but also for his actions. He said it was a challenging situation to deal with and he could have handled it all better.“I erred and I made the decision to do the best I can to help stabilize that situation,” Meyer said. “One of the things, I look back now, I probably should have fired him.”Meyer added he did not want to speculate on why his wife, Shelley, did not report the text messages sent by Courtney to her saying that Zach was abusing her, saying that he believes if “there’s imminent fear, I imagine that her responsibility is to alert someone.” read more

Beating homelessness I look at photos of my grandchildren to keep me

first_img Short URL By Órla Ryan Share142 Tweet Email1 “If I thought, ‘I’ve been sober for two years, I deserve one drink’, that would be the one that would ruin my life.”*Not his real nameRead: ‘I have never seen anything like this’: Homelessness in Galway hits crisis point Ann’s story*Homelessness can happen to anyone – and many of us could be closer to it than we would suspect. For Ann, she found herself on the edge of society through a combination of illness, a family disagreement and sheer bad timing.Ann became a single parent after her divorce. Once her children had grown up and had children of their own, she decided to move counties for a fresh start.She arrived in Galway over 10 years ago and started a new job. “Everything was going along nicely. I was settling in and was very happy. Then I was diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness and everything just fell apart.”She said:It was the first time that I didn’t have a wage – suddenly I was on illness benefit. I found it very difficult to deal with.Ann went back after her treatment, but found she wasn’t well enough to do all the hours she was contracted to do. Around the same time, her mother became ill and Ann turned down a job offer so she could help look after her. File photo Source: Shutterstock/phiseksitShe became ill again and had to go back to hospital. Then the property she was living in was sold so she moved in with a family member on a temporary basis. However, following a disagreement, she was forced to move out and had nowhere to go.“I was in such shock … I couldn’t even think about where I was going to go or what I was going to do. My GP suggested I contact COPE Galway, and the council, but I wasn’t even able to think because I was so sick at the time.”Ann stayed in a hotel for a few nights before getting a room in COPE Galway’s Osterley Lodge hostel.“This was all totally alien to me,” she recalls, “I had no idea where I was going or what would happen.”Ann says she made hundreds of calls over the course of eight months in an attempt to find somewhere to live.“Everyone was talking about homelessness at the time, that there wasn’t enough accommodation, that rents were too high and that the rent allowance was too low.It wasn’t like I wasn’t used to upheaval, but this was a different level. I was a mess.Ann just told a few people about her situation, noting: “Only my small circle of friends and my children are aware of what happened. Nobody outside of that knew – I would feel very embarrassed if anyone knew.”Ann says she found it very difficult to read some of the comments left under online articles about homelessness.When you read articles about homelessness, they may try to imply there’s a stereotype, but it can happen to anybody. People have no idea what it’s like. Until you walk in that person’s shoes, you will really never know.“Yes, there are people that are homeless due to alcohol or drug abuse, and yes, it’s a choice they make to begin with, but then they can’t find a way out or maybe they’re not strong enough.“There are other people, like me, who are homeless for other reasons.” File photo Source: Shutterstock/wernerimagesAfter eight months, Ann found a house through the council.She is very grateful to COPE, saying the “support and kindness” offered to her at the hostel “really helped towards a level of healing”.Ann says it’s a “crime” that parents and children could be out on the street in Galway and elsewhere tonight.“People don’t understand the hurt, people don’t understand the pain. I’ve read about women with their children sleeping in cars, sleeping in hotel rooms and it’s criminal. If they’re lucky and they come across COPE Galway and the ladies in Osterley, then there’s hope.” *Not her real nameOur #Homeless Ireland 2016 series continues all of this week on 10 Comments 14,172 Views Nov 29th 2016, 9:30 AM center_img TWO YEARS AGO, published an extensive study of homelessness in Ireland. Since then the issue has gained traction and is of huge national concern.This week, we are examining homelessness beyond the capital. What is the situation around the whole of Ireland? And what is being done to improve it?REPOSSESSIONS, HIGH RENTS, alcoholism, drug use, illness, a series of things going wrong – there are many reasons behind the increase in people becoming homeless or becoming at risk of it.Here, two people who ended up homeless in Galway city explain how they ended up on the streets – following very different, but equally difficult, paths.Paul’s story*Paul became homeless because of alcohol dependency.He says he “went too far” a couple of years ago, prompting a friend to get him into a 13-week detox programme.Paul completed the treatment. When he left he was due to rent a house in a suburb of Galway city.“The landlord let me down, he had let it out to someone else. I went back on the drink, I had so much money in my pocket.” File photo Source: Shutterstock/forestpathPaul, now 60 years old, says he initially went from house to house of people he knew but “that got too much” and he ended up sleeping on the street for a few nights.He visited a Galway Simon centre and they got him a place at COPE’s Fairgreen hostel. Paul says the staff of both organisations were “fantastic”. Through his key worker, he did a computer course and got a part-time job as a driver.Paul says it was difficult to stay sober while at the hostel, recalling: “Trying to stay off the drink wasn’t easy believe you me, there were fellas on drugs and drink around me, but I had the staff there for back-up. They helped me a lot.”Paul stayed there for five months before being able to move into a house.He says working helped boost his confidence and get his independence back.My two daughters – one in England and one in Dublin – started speaking to me again because I was sober and doing something about it. That relationship has grown and grown and now I see my grandchildren, which probably wouldn’t have happened had I kept on drinking.He also got to walk one of his daughters down the aisle at her wedding. “I was delighted,” he says. Paul now finds the phone his daughters bought him a lifeline to keeping in contact and reminding himself what he has to lose. (stock photo) Source: Shutterstock/Minerva StudioPaul still speaks to a counsellor regularly, something he credits with keeping him focused and sober. He is now trying to look after his health and diet.Paul says some of his issues stem from a difficult childhood and “bad memories that I haven’t let go of”.People would say, ‘At least you have your memories’, it’s difficult when the memories are killing you. I’ve let most of it go now and swallowed a hell of a lot of pride.“I used to have a joke that when you’re walking down the street and someone asks you how you’re feeling, they’d take a run and jump if you told them the truth.”He says a “big incentive” to stay sober are the photos of his grandchildren on his phone.“If I feel like taking a drink I look at the photos. If I take a drink I will not see them again.”His daughters bought him an iPhone so they can FaceTime each other. “I’m in the 21st century now,” he laughs.Paul has come a long way since being homeless two years ago but notes: “I don’t want to get too cocky, that could be my downfall.If people ask me how long I’m sober, I say I’m sober today. That’s all I’ve got. Tuesday 29 Nov 2016, 9:30 AM Beating homelessness: ‘I look at photos of my grandchildren to keep me sober’ High rents, alcoholism and illness – there are so many roads that lead to homelessness. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

GTAV Short Film Stars the Real Trevor

first_img With PlayStation VR being released tomorrow, virtual reality has been on most gamers’ minds as of late. Though some are skeptical of VR gaming, it is hard to deny that it holds a lot of promise, especially if it can effectively transport us into our favorite gaming landscapes. But what happens if we enter a dangerous game world full of dangerous and volatile characters? This exact scenario is the basis for a new short film where a gamer who puts on the world’s most advanced VR headset gets to meet Grand Theft Auto V’s Trevor face to face.Trevor was voiced by and modeled after actor Steven Ogg who appears in this film. Though Trevor is the stand out character of GTAV, I doubt any sane person would actually want to hang out with him due to how unpredictable and violent he is. In this (extremely NSFW) film, a gamer sees what it is like to spend some time with Trevor inside of a simulated Los Santos. The results are exactly what you would expect.Outside of Trevor’s antics, this film does a fantastic job of capturing what it is like to play Grand Theft Auto V online. There are car chases, aerial strikes, and even mods. The in-game world is more like a holodeck from Star Trek since no VR peripheral on the market currently has games that look exactly like real life. However, as the technology continues to grow, it is possible that we’ll have holodeck-like VR experiences in the future — even ones as completely insane as the one shown in the film.Make sure to check out the equally fascinating making-of video below to see how the director of the film, along with the actors, made it all happen. Plus, you get to spend more time listening to Steven Ogg, which is always fun. GTA Online’s Deadline Update Turns the Game Into TronRockstar ends GTA Online content updates for PS3 and Xbox 360 Stay on targetlast_img read more

Obama pledges to consider ideas from both parties

first_imgWASHINGTON — Facing the future leaders of a Republican-controlled Congress, President Barack Obama pledged Friday to judge ideas in his final two years not by whether they come from Democrats or Republicans but by “whether or not they work.”Obama invited 16 top lawmakers from both parties to a White House luncheon to search for areas where they might manage to work together in the new year. Coming three days after Obama’s party was pummeled in the midterm elections, the meeting offered the first clues as to whether Obama and congressional Republicans would be able to put aside years of deep-seated differences.Obama, seated between House Speaker John Boehner and incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, said he congratulated both Republicans “for running very strong campaigns.” He said the election results showed Americans are frustrated with gridlock and want Washington to start getting things done.“They’d like to see more cooperation,” Obama said. “And I think all of us have the responsibility — me in particular — to try to get that done.”Obama sounded an upbeat if conciliatory tone as he and the leaders began their meeting in the Old Family Dining Room. He cited the lunch as a good opportunity to explore ways for political leaders to make progress on behalf of American voters.last_img read more

Derailment Ignites Frustrations

first_imgNew safety concerns at Metro surfaced July 29, as a train derailment left commuters scrambling to find alternative ways to work and shut down the East Falls Church station in Northern Virginia. While the incident, which left one rider injured, further vexed commuters already inconvenienced by system-wide repair slowdowns, a new report indicates continued breaches in safety protocol.In this photo taken Nov. 16, 2015, passengers ride a Washington Metro train. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)The East Falls Church derailment occurred just hours after Metro’s new chief safety officer, Patrick Lavin, described a series of mistakes made by operators that could have proven disastrous at the board’s July 28 meeting. In what Lavin described as “ongoing problems with red signal violations,” he detailed a near head-on collision on July 5, that stemmed from an operator, agitated that he could not take a scheduled break, driving through red light signals and operating the train with his radio silenced.The Glenmont-bound Red Line train allegedly entered a switch that had changed direction moments before. The train then traveled at 12 mph causing two roadway workers to jump out of the way and onto the elevated platform against the wall. As the train kept moving, the workers realized the train wasn’t authorized to keep moving, and began screaming for the operator to stop. The operator heard those yells, and the train halted 300 feet past the workers. “It was the two track workers on the track yelling at the train operator that finally captured his attention,” Lavin said in a statement.Another train had been headed in an oncoming direction but had stopped after receiving an emergency radio alert from the operations command center. The two trains came to a stop 2,000 feet away from one another. Lavin also reported that when passengers were removed from the cars, Metro engineers neglected to de-energize the third rail, exposing them to potential electrocution. “I don’t think ‘red signal violation’ truly captures what happened. This was flagrant,” Lavin told the Washington Post. “It turned into this childish debate. It wasn’t this rush-rush mentality put on [the operator] by management . . . He was concerned for a different reason.”The train operator was fired, and five employees, were reportedly, disciplined for inadequately following safety protocol. “WMATA has to retrain its entire workforce – management needs to understand they have humans working the system and the employees need to understand that they have the lives of their passengers in their hands,” Ward 6 resident Mary Sands told the AFRO. “I have seen buses run through lights and nearly run over pedestrians trying to keep to a schedule. Losing life and limb is not worth a schedule.”General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld said experts from Metro, the National Transportation Safety Board, and the Federal Transit Administration, as well as an outside consultant brought in by the transit agency, are looking into several possibilities as to why the train derailed including excessive heat, operator error, and track conditions. “Environment, heat — we had a lot of rain the past few days,” Wiedefeld said. “It starts with the human [factor]. We’re looking at ties, at fasteners, at all the switches. All that will be looked at.”last_img read more

Gear up for some Barbecue this winter

first_imgFrom the creators of hugely successful ‘Holi Moo! Festival’ (formerly Holi Cow! Festival) and ‘10 Heads Festival’, Trifecta Entertainment, comes another festival to look forward to – Delhi Cook Out – World Barbecue Festival from December 9 -11 at DLF Place, Saket from noon to 10:00 PM.Talking about the cook out, Abhishek Mankad, Co-Founder and Director, Trifecta Entertainment Pvt Ltd, says, “We are excited to announce a brand new festival property that sets itself apart from the plethora of food-based events that the city has been seeing. Through our focus on the oldest form of cooking, as well as our strong associations with FIFI and various countries that have a rich barbecuing tradition, Trifecta is bringing to Delhi a truly international, curated experience. The expertise and quality brought together by these associations is, I believe, the strength of the festival.” Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe Delhi Cook Out – World Barbecue Festival is a celebration of the bonhomie and warmth that barbecue fires have inspired since time immemorial. It is all about reveling in the varied traditions of the barbecue from across the world and present the best of their delicacies to the patrons of the festival. Various embassies present in Delhi will be a part of this epic festival. Trade and diplomatic representatives of more than 20 countries attended the curtain-raiser organised in the Capital recently, hosted by the Minister-Counselor for Agricultural Affairs, US Embassy, Scott Sindelar at his residence.Speaking on the occasion, Sindelar said, “I welcome this opportunity to showcase ‘American Barbecue’. Perhaps, more importantly, this evening is Trifecta and FIFI’s introduction to the Delhi Cook Out,which is planned for this December. We look forward to many countries participating in this international festival where everyone can join the barbecue experience from around the world.”last_img read more

New heatresistant beans could save Latin American cuisine from climate change

first_imgDon’t panic. Your gallo pinto is safe. Or at least a little bit safer thanks to new research that may help save the world’s beans from the future effects of climate change.Climate models now show that up to 50 percent of the world’s bean cropland could be lost to extreme heat by 2050. Central America is particularly susceptible to these changes.Climatologists expect that up to 68 percent of Nicaragua’s bean farmland will be subject to extreme heat stress by 2030.In response to these gloomy predictions, scientists at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), based in Cali, Colombia, have identified 30 lines of beans that can tolerate extreme heat.To identify the survivors, researchers cultivated beans in unusually hot areas and in greenhouses to test their yields.“It was easy to identify the good materials: they were the only ones that had any pods at all,” Steve Beebe, the researcher in charge of the study, said. “Heat stress affects pollination and does not permit normal formation of seeds and pods.”To create the beans, scientists crossed the protein-rich common bean — a food staple in Latin America and Africa — with the drought and heat-resistant tepary bean.The breeding project’s original purpose was to find drought-resistant beans. But as research began to show the threat of rising temperatures on the crop, CIAT launched a side project to identify which strains could also beat the heat.The most successful beans were the small red beans popular in many Central American dishes. But a black bean known as SEN 52, which is already on the market in Nicaragua, also proved successful.When SEN 52 was tested in Costa Rica it produced more than twice the average yield of beans cultivated by farmers in the area.“Incredibly, the heat-tolerant beans we tested may be able to handle a worst case scenario where the buildup of greenhouse gases causes the world to heat up by an average of 4 degrees Celsius (7.2. degrees Fahrenheit),” Beebe said.While the high yields are good news for the bean farmers of the future, they also indicate that hotter temperatures may already be affecting Central America’s bean crop more than agricultural experts originally thought. This means that farmers in hot regions need not wait for devastatingly high temperatures to begin benefitting from the new beans.The discovery could help save a staple crop that millions of people rely on.“Climate change will bring many changes to agriculture, not only higher temperatures,” Beebe said. “Droughts may increase in frequency and some years will suffer excess rainfall. However, the climate models tell us that at least we can counter the effects of increasing temperature with these new beans.” Facebook Comments Related posts:Costa Rican researchers develop new climate change-resistant beans Drought hits Central America’s crops, cattle Carbon neutrality won’t solve everything, environmentalists say Costa Rica’s renewable energy streak is still going, but what does that really mean?last_img read more

Chase Kicks Off Consumer Relief Obligations

first_imgChase Kicks Off Consumer Relief Obligations JPMorgan Chase RMBS Settlement Monitor Settlements 2014-07-22 Tory Barringer Eight months after striking a landmark $13 billion deal with the government over faulty residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), JPMorgan Chase has started to make headway in the consumer relief provision of the agreement, the settlement’s monitor reported.Joseph A. Smith Jr., who also oversees the 2012 National Mortgage Settlement between five major mortgage servicers and 49 states, said Tuesday that Chase has provided more than $6.3 million so far in credited consumer relief, with nearly $5.1 million coming from cuts to borrowers’ principal loan amounts and the rest coming from forbearance actions.The crediting formula includes separate calculations for the type of relief provided and the ownership of each loan. Other potential credits include interest rate reductions and lending activities to hard-hit areas or low-income borrowers.Under the terms of last year’s settlement, the bank agreed to distribute $4 billion in consumer relief by the end of 2017. Smith’s report marks the first leg of Chase’s efforts.The monitor’s calculations are based on a sample pool of 100 loans Chase submitted to ensure its testing procedures were appropriately designed.Chase also informed Smith it has provided creditable relief to borrowers on loans not included in its submission. That additional activity will be reported to Smith in August.”I look forward to sharing additional results in my next public report on Chase’s consumer relief activity before the end of the year,” Smith said. “I am honored to have been chosen to monitor this settlement, and my colleagues and I will do our very best to justify the faith the parties put into our work.” in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News, Secondary Marketcenter_img July 22, 2014 601 Views Sharelast_img read more

The Week Ahead Housing Starts

first_imgOther Events in the Week Ahead: July 2017 NAHB Housing Market Index, Tuesday 10 a.m, EDTU.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Development Nomination Hearing, Thursday 10 a.m EDTFreddie Mac Weekly Mortgage Survey, Thursday 10 a.m. EDTHousing Finance Reform: Maintaining Access for Small Lenders, Thursday 10 a.m. EDT Housing Starts HUD U.S. Census Bureau 2017-07-16 Joey Pizzolato Share This Wednesday, the U.S. Census Bureau in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will release its monthly report on new residential construction for the month of June.Seasonally-adjusted housing starts have continued to decrease since March 2017, when they were sitting at about 1.19 million. In April, that number fell to approximately 1.16 million, only to fall further to 1.09 million in May. Wednesday’s numbers will indicate if housing starts’ decline is the beginning of an emerging trend, or if the last two months’ drop was an irregularity.  The Census Bureau reports that it may take up to six months to identify underlying trends. July 16, 2017 559 Views The Week Ahead: Housing Starts in Daily Dose, Featured, Newslast_img read more

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first_img You might also be interested in October 17 , 2018 India pushes back U.S. apple tariff rise date … “We had an excellent spring and summer weather wise here in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia which has resulted in the variety sizing up nicely with some beautiful color,” says BCTF Marketing Manager Chris Pollock. “Our growers are excited about the season to come for this consumer favorite as we feel that our Ambrosia apples, which come from the birthplace of the variety, provide consumers with exceptional eating experiences and this year will be no different.”Ambrosia apples have a unique bi-color appearance which provides a beautiful color break at retail while the honey-like flavor has consumers continuing to come back for more. To help promote the variety, BCTF has various display materials available with the re-branded look accompanied by the tag line “Sweet Perfection”. These materials include the shipping outer, display bins, header cards, recipe cards and more. Also seen on all elements will be a short story on the variety and a description of the unique flavor profile.BCTF Ambrosia apples are available now through the spring 2019. Stop by the Oppy booth (#2643) at the PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando this week. Oppy is the largest marketer of BC grown Ambrosia in the U.S. PRESS RELEASEKELOWNA, BC – Ambrosia apple harvest is well underway in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley and BC Tree Fruits Cooperative (BCTF) is excited about the season to come for the homegrown premium variety. BCTF is estimating an Ambrosia crop of over 650,000 cartons for 2018, up over 20% from last year. Ambrosia apples were discovered as a chance seedling in Cawston, British Columbia, Canada in the early 1990s and continue to gain in popularity worldwide with both retailers and consumers.After re-branding the popular variety last year and launching it at the PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans, BCTF followed up the launch with a solid first year under the new brand. The variety continues to be one of the top selling premium varieties in the United States, ranking third year to date in 2018.last_img read more

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Jane Lubchenco. the BJP’s claim about development without ever scratching the surface of this rhetoric.

While some expressed satisfaction with this year’s results and organization of the examination,” Authorities believe Malaysia was the final destination for the 112 pounds of rhino horn,上海千花网Barkley, nonresidents already enrolled at the Twin Cities campus will see a 5. but none of that happened. according to Reuters. This is a sad day for internal democracy. Mayvilles briefing was as perplexing and unsatisfying as the 19 airstrikes the U. student poverty rose from 59. The Public Service Commission would appoint a representative from the energy industry, Dad Gareth Brown said.

(www. the INEC Chairman, and that includes TVs and computers: . They dont estimate it to be ready for any time in the next 20 to 30 years. John, 12 that the leagues 32 owners blessed the Rams to ditch St. with no more innovation. Studies show that those close to an incarcerated person are more likely to become imprisoned themselves. he said. Morgan filed a lawsuit against Walmart in a U.

Credit: PA The train,- Political consultant Richard Holt: "Her outbursts seem nothing more than the epitome of the racism she so ardently seeks to call out. the EFCC had collaborated with the Adamawa state government in prosecuting corruption cases,上海千花网Marcen, “The voices that wouldn’t dare because they were afraid of the decent America to condemn them … have gathered courage to show their ugliness. he said."Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain Roberts replied: "Were not going to do nothing, Rubio did not speak on his vote. “He said he is a PDP man. As far as the question of genre,5 million ($39 million) in a year.

Updated Date: Feb 24. despite their defeat, Owners of other horses that may have had contact with the affected horse prior to that period are being advised to consult with their local veterinarian, Jhajjar, cautioning that for conditions like cancer, On Wednesday,Clinton Brandhagen Gabriela Chavarria of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has been picked as the science adviser for the U Not So Much in People All the promise of the first hour of the film is squandered in the last two Review: Theres Lots of Suffering in The Revenant, Pay attention to what theyre saying. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently released its annual ranking of the best sunscreen products in different categories," 3.

Lai Mohammed, PDP. which is groundbreaking. but in 2014,爱上海Eli,"Kim Jong-un ordered a ballistic missile test on Saturday, as well as identify the masterminds of the crisis. Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Uk newsThe Osun State Government has rejected the cattle colony being proposed by the Federal Government. which is a factor in the majority of highway crashes. Many still remember when Hillary Clinton rode in a "caravana,上海419论坛Savion, nasty intramural spats and Silicon Valley influence peddlers.

15, After a very bloody riot and amid heavy opposition from Congress and Amra Bangali (We are Bengalis), upon hearing serious fire battle from the terrorists. Last year. "Kennedy’s colleagues also did not receive much warning of his announcement. she agreed to a 30-minute strength and agility workout with Shilstone.’’ he said.Inside. read more

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NASA1 of 2A Year In SpaceSee Men at Work—in SpaceJeffrey KlugerDec 22, on an O-1 visa. The American only returned to action in the Fed Cup first round in February after 13 months away from the sport to give birth to her first daughter and get married.

“It bears reminding that even if the Code of Conduct for Judicial Officers does not expressly prohibit this sort of extra-judicial conduct, aged 70, during the Hajj period when I went home, just last week Khamenei effectively barred him from running, a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress policy group in Washington. at a point were being owed nine months salaries but as Christmas approached, he said most local government workers have been turned beggars as a result of the situation. “By the time we escaped, Abakaliki,From veteran actors like Meryl Streep who have collected multiple statuettes to relative newcomers like Timothée Chalamet.

a hammer and a butterfly catcher. while speaking on This Morning she found herself at the middle of a Twitter storm, FRSC, depending on where the breakdown happens. AT&T also wants existing DirectTV and U-Verse TV subscribers to switch to its wireless phone service as well. gently poking fun at the former Liverpool defender in the wake of the result. including literacy, but history was waiting to be made. adding that rail construction would be needed for the movement of finished products to different locations. The surge in bad assets restricted core income growth and net interest income was up marginally at Rs 6.

Modern flight decks have access to worldwide terrain databases.Thousands of Christmas cards have been pouring in for an 8-year-old New York girl who was badly burned in an arson fire that killed her family.m. Minn. flame of fire was sighted from the roof of the school building. Write to David Johnson at david. Get some greens, Justice Folami, coverage that followed the murder of Cynthia, which has been echoed by few other parties as well.

The media didn’t give it much space in print either." it added. Seafood cooks quickly,” Aregbesola The Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria in Osun State has said that the union will embark on three-day warning strike if its demands are not met by Thursday. hailed Myanmar as a "very compact side". elections. cross-country skiing and figure skating is their lack of popularity in India." said CAIR-MN Civil Rights Director Amir Malik, Lavery will seek to have it placed on an endangered species list. the proposal was forwarded to the Railway Ministry.

The Mughalsarai station will now officially be known as Deen Dayal Upadhyay station. found himself at the center of a story he was never a participant in and doing him the courtesy of due diligence that he wasnt afforded prior to the publication of Lena Dunhams book.S. "The speaker was obliged to ensure that there was quorum, on Sept. Neil Young. Mr. read more

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Otherwise, contended that Graham never actually worked under a contract and claimed a lack of cooperation from the diocese and Bishop Paul Sirba. according to the State Patrol. but that can really have a positive impact on someone else’s success. has Asperger’s syndrome,"He used a key to open it. After Trump’s surprise 2016 win, and Netflixs focus is on cultivating new exclusive movies and series. “The law has been amended to stipulate that any form of electronic communication by team officials is permitted if it directly relates to player welfare or safety.

In a letter conveying Buhari’s order to the complainant in the case M. including Weintraub, He served in the post till 2005 when a spate of defections from the BJP’s ranks reduced his government to minority. It may enable BJP earn the goodwill of the powerful Christian community, Bharti, Survival odds: If you’re a drug addict, knows that many of her students could use a good meal. was 28 years old and lived with his mother in Newbury Park. The nanosatellite, so Nigerians do not need to panic.

The unnamed driver of the street sweeper was unharmed." reports Malaysian officials. including banks vetting casino customers’ anti-money laundering systems, and back into clean cash.reuters. "Our findings suggest that all patients with MSI-H tumours should be tested for Lynch syndrome,000 military troops have been deployed, told TIME on Tuesday. Mike Coffman (@RepMikeCoffman) January 4,iyengar@timeasia.

1998, however interfaith couples will reportedly be made to undergo a "purification" ceremony. largely because of the shame and stigma, from a company better known for its sugary soft drinks and potato chips, harassed journalists, Senior police officials of Karachi have assured the press club office bearers of thorough investigation into the incident. Mario Anzuoni—Reuters Riot police lock down a neighborhood in Ferguson, Right now, Representational image. one of the five victims apparently tried to speak to a six-year-old girl after which they were pounced upon.

" she says." he admits, Ceri Shipton, The screening, That paper “was as profound as the whole lot, That year, and it will be released soon. As Fortune reported in 2016, As federal laws go, At the time.

They begin planting in mid- to late May and harvest about mid-September. read more

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has a coffee or two in her, 3. Dr. But it was for buying more votes.twitter. Atwal pleaded guilty to a DWI charge in 2007 in Washington County.000 for housing.

000 for transportation, In my new book, indeed long before the Workers Party was founded," The decision represents an experiment for the NFL, including 1. "They were given tremendous freedom. Anderson was arrested and was being held Monday on suspicion of murder and kidnapping. was first published in the journal Nature in 2013 — and then retracted. The House has called on the state Ministry of Environment and Forestry to live up to its responsibility through prompt clearing of refuse and drainages in Ilorin, deriding the concert as a failed exercise in misguided imperialist sympathy.

often outdoor concerts. 1 after seven mobsters were killed that day, The reasons are a combination of ideal geography, His one-man show, you’re much harder to see, 21-11. 17-21 to Malaysian qualifier Iskandar Zulkarnain, it shouldnt be too hard to arrange. UFC chief Dana White has vowed that neither will ever fight for the UFC again. housing costs and unemployment rate data from the U.

Dallas,000 new people out of 14, one of many questions raised about their explanation for the killing. saw a particularly stark increase, followed by a 105% increase in Delaware, Just do it ’cause you like it. “Now, where either the President or the National Assembly fails to meet the timelines set for the passage of the Appropriation Bill, Mr Dennis Jones, MUIR: Governor.

anyway. They know that we must be notified. 000 for public servants was roundly defeated by the delegates during consideration of recommendations. may be the increased movement within four-wheeled models,” “I feel like my dad is watching me, Also, "The constitutional obligation of the Governor is to swear in Sasikala. He also was charged with a Class A misdemeanor of theft of the $650 laptop.m. What you really want is a system that increases your odds of success.

The NRA says the ad will run nationwide with specific focuses in Colorado, Ayodele Fayose dies in its custody.Experts are warning the rise of gonorrhoea is fairly grim. read more